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The Complete GT Recording List

GT Land of the Giants logo by Kahuna
Girl Trouble has had the opportunity to record many platters on as many different lables. Due the frequent requests, here is a chart that attempts to straighten it all out. Left is the cover, middle is vital stats as best we know them, and right is trivial tidbits. Be aware that many of these titles are now out of print. That will be indicated with OOP after the date. Record enthusiasts wishing to purchase them should check out the local alternative cut-out bin for best success. On available recordings we will attempt to link-up where possible to the appropriate label/dealer that still offer them for sale. Please be aware that these links change faster than K.P. changes his underwear so don't blame us if nothing comes up. You'll just have to poke around yourself. If we couldn't find any trace of the records we released on a label we didn't bother to link it. In addition to cut-out bins we have been seeing lots of Girl Trouble releases pop up on
GEMM and even
eBay (but remember don't bid on anything Bon, Dale and K.P. want and don't forget what "e" stands for..."evil!".)

Hit It or Quit It

photos by Tim Olsen/artwork by Bon

1988 Vinyl - (K/SP 20) and (K/Next Big Thing) OOP
Produced by Steve Fisk & Tim Olsen at Velvetone Studios, Ellensburg, WA
K/Sub Pop/Next Big Thing

Wrecking Ball - Primeval - Hot Monkey Love - Riverbed - Hurt Your Heart - Old Time Religion - Steppin' Out - Follow Me Down - She No Rattle My Cage - The Skin - My Baby's Gone - Where's the Loser?

After a few singles it was time to make it legit and release an album. The back cover was patterned after the Wailers Outburst album and GT members actually passed around paper and wrote tidbits about each other. They followed Tim Olsen in his 69 Dodge Polara to Ellensburg to start a long collaboration with Steve Fisk. One weekend, 24 songs. This has been called the first full length album Sub Pop ever released. The European version was released on Lindsay Hutton's "Next Big Thing" Label.

Stomp & Shout & Work It on Out!

Photos by Tim Olsen/artwork & back photo by Bon

1990 Vinyl EP (ID 123318) (OOP)
Produced by Steve Fisk & Tim Olsen at PopLlama Studios, Seattle, WA

Take A Look At Me - Hey, Mrs. Jones - Out of Our Tree - Little Sally Tease - Leaving Here - Louie Louie

In the days when bands weren't playing many Northwest covers Girl Trouble decided to release an EP full of songs they were playing at shows. Some of the songs were left over from the Velvetone sessions. After hooking up with Conrad Uno/PopLlama the rest is recorded by Steve and Tim at EGG studios. The back cover shows the Crescent Ballroom before the beautiful neon sign was removed. Lee Joseph's Dionysus label was the perfect choice for this release.


Cover photo by Dave Harwell/back photo by Tim Olsen/artwork by Bon

1990 CD/vinyl - (PLCD 117)
Produced by Steve Fisk & Tim Olsen at EGG Studios, Seattle, WA

Marie LaVeau - Bring on the Dancing Girls - Railroad to Tears - Neko Loves Rock 'n' Roll - But Baby - Gotta Get a Little Bit - Groove Detector - Prison Betty - When Opposites Attract - Coffee Mama - Warpath - 13 Women - (CD bonus: Cleopatra & the Slaves, Homework)

After the pleasant recording experience at EGG, Girl Trouble picks PopLlama to release their second album. The ceiling might have been low but the energy was high. A few songs on this album were leftovers from the Velvetone session. When Steve Fisk moved to Seattle the rest was completed at EGG. The album title was taken from an attraction (actually a virtual movie) at the Puyallup Fair during the 70s. The cover photo was taken by Dave Harwell, soon to be tour boss. The ride in the background is actually called the Enterprise.

New American Shame

Photos by Tim Olsen/artwork by Bon

1993 CD/vinyl (MTR 204)
Produced by Tim Olsen
Engineer: Brent DeRosher
at Daily Planet, Tacoma, WA
EMPTY U.S. Records

My Hometown - The Men's Room - Cold Shoulder - Color Me Gone - Sister Mary Motorcycle - Ritual of the Lame - Storm Warning - High Octane Revival - Put the Blame on Me - How Can I Be Out When I Ain't Been In? - To Tame a Woman - (CD bonus: Work That Crowd)

By this time Girl Trouble had moved to Daily Planet in Tacoma to be closer to home and TV. The band finally got closer to the sound they'd been searching for. GT toured all of the US, parts of Canada, and Europe on this record. The title was something Bon found in one of her old Tattler magazines about an evil Girl Scout. Later an obnoxious Tacoma band stole the title for their band name. They released an album untitled (you guessed it) New American Shame, and promptly broke up when they realized they wouldn't make it big.

Girl Trouble Live

Logo & cover by Kahuna

1993 CD/vinyl EP
(OOP) (MT 206)
Recorded live at the Empty Bottle, Chicago, IL
EMPTY U.S. Records

Primevel - High Octane Revival - Baby (You Got What It Takes) - My Hometown - Work That Crowd

Girl Trouble was on their way to Europe and had to have something quick to sell. Even though there were only about 30 people at this show in Chicago it ended up sounding pretty good. They got Brent to mix it and sold it during that European Hell tour they went on with Crackerbash. It's one of the only live GT recordings and is now out of print.

Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays

photos and artwork by Bon/back photo by Tim Olsen

1998 CD (WO3)
Produced by Tim Olsen
Engineer: Brent DeRosher
at Wildwood and Room One, Tacoma, WA
Wig Out! Records

Go Metropolitan
- Live With No Tomorrow - Intoxicating Criminal Diecast Cool - There's a Waste - Strother Martin - Cross County Curfew - Princess Phone - The Track - Louisianappeal - Common Law Loners - Don't Ask Me - Scorpio 9 - Mr. Thackeray's Day Off


Whoo Boy! This one was a bitch. It took way too long to produce. Just when it looked like the thing would be out, yet another roadblock would be in the way. Girl Trouble didn't pay attention to Band Rule #6 (see Nitty Gritty) and let the label talk them into somebody "helping" with the cover art. When it turned out bad (like you knew it would!) the label said "take it or leave it". Girl Trouble knows when to leave it. With a US tour only one month away they managed to get the CD mastered, start from the beginning with the art and have the final product in hand when the van left the Henderson driveway in Tacoma. Try that sometime.


Photos by Tim Olsen/artwork by Bon

b/w She No Rattle My Cage

Produced by Tim Olsen & Calvin Johnson at GESCCO, Olympia, WA
K Records (OOP)

Recorded at a former indoor putt-putt golf center on a 4-track. When Bon first heard this record she cried. Then the guys played her a Misfits record and she felt better. That's Kahuna posing in a hole dug at Tim's place before he was ever in a band. The back features the band in front of K.P.'s old Rambler parked at the Java Jive.

Photos by Tim Olsen/artwork by Bon

Old Time Religion
b/w Tarantula

Produced by Tim Olsen & Calvin Johnson at GESCCO, Olympia, WA
K Records click on G

From the same sessions as the first single. "Old Time Religion" is the first GT original upon K.P.'s return to the band. Bon finally realizes they weren't going to sound like Paul Revere and the Raiders. The old church on J Street in Tacoma has been torn down. On the reverse Bon hand colored the light on the amp red on each copy.

Photos by Tim Olsen/artwork by Bon


When Opposites Attract b/w Gospel Zone, Homework

1989 (OOP) (WO1)
Produced by Tim Olsen & Calvin Johnson at GESCCO, Olympia, WA
Wig Out! Records

Girl Trouble didn't want to wait on the six month list to put out a single with Sub Pop so they did it themselves. They thought that only offering one original and one cover wouldn't be saleable. The solution - stick two cover songs on one side and call it a "bonus track". This was the start of the 3-song single that other bands started to copy. Girl Trouble's insecurity starts a Northwest trend. That's the old Japanese School in Tacoma where Jim, Kahuna and even K.P. lived.

b/w The Truth (Steve Fisk Mix)

1989 (OOP)
Produced by Steve Fisk & Tim Olsen at Velvetone Studios, Ellensburg, WA
K Records

Steve Fisk and Girl Trouble discuss how Prince will never equal the genius of Neal Hefti. They decide on a collaboration to combat all the new sounding "Batman" crap. The band later plays this song at the lengendary Boxing Club (dungeon basement) show where K.P. leads a scary pillow fight with the crowd. They are still coughing the foam and feathers out of their lungs.

Photos by Tim Olsen/artwork by Bon

Cleopatra & the Slaves b/w Who Do You Think You're Foolin', Mercy

1990 (OOP) (WO2)
Produced by Steve Fisk & Tim Olsen at Velvetone and Egg Studios
Wig Out! Records

Another attempt to offer full dollar value with the Girl Trouble 3-song single. That's K.P. posing with his shirt on his head as the "pharoh". Liz Taylor never sued them and that's the first photo of the practice shed on the back. The best review for this record..."Girl Trouble! Clean up your room!"

Girl Trouble Plays Elvis Movie Themes

artwork by Bon

Kissin' Cousins, Viva Las Vegas, Spinout, Girls Girls Girls

Produced by Tim Olsen
Engineer: Brent DeRosher at Daily Planet, Tacoma, WA
Sympathy for the Record Industry

Girl Trouble will never stop playing Elvis songs, especially those great movie hits. The band was happy to hook up with Long Gone John on this one. He basically let them do whatever they wanted. What a concept! The inside photo showed Elvis receiving a gift ham from Wash. State Governor, Rosalini, when Elvis starred in "It Happened At The World's Fair". The cover is actual photos off the TV from Elvis movie trailers.
Cover photo by Ron Hall/back by GT/artwork by Bon

Work That Crowd b/w Granny's Pad

1992 (MT 184)
Produced by Tim Olsen at Daily Planet, Tacoma, WA
Empty US Records

We all miss Granny. Every month or so Girl Trouble dipped into their own pockets to pay Granny her "royalties" for this record. It was easier than explaining that 45s aren't big money makers. Bon made a big mistake on this one and gave "Art Berry" writing credit for the Viceroys "Granny's Pad" when it was really Al Berry. No one caught the error.

Scorpio 9
b/w The Track

1996 (ES 789)
Produced by Tim Olsen at Wildwood Studios, Tacoma, WA
Estrus Records

If at first you don't succeed...and Girl Trouble tried so many times to get "Scorpio 9" to sound the way they'd envisioned it that it cost more for the recording of this one song than all of the "Hit It or Quit It" album put together. That's Kahuna yelping in the background back with another one of Bon's "I Hate Love" songs. This originally came out in red, green and black vinyl.
Photo and artwork by Bon

Blue Christmas/Sleigh Ride
(split with Kings of Rock)

1989 (OOP)
Produced by Tim Olsen and Steve Fisk at Egg Studios, Seattle, WA
Regal Select Records

GT gets in a holiday mood at Egg Studios and records two tracks for this split with the Kings of Rock. The actual story of KP's encounter with a yuletide drunk is related during the solo to "Blue Christmas" while Kahuna, Dale and Bon offer their best rendition of the Ventures' "Sleigh Ride". The cover photo is actually Kahuna and Dale's guitars laid on a sheet on the garage floor and photographed from a ladder. This limited record was a beautiful blue-green.
art by Peter Bagge

Sister Mary Motorcycle/Mosrite Ad
(split with the A-Bones)

Produced by Tim Olsen and Steve Fisk at Egg Studios, Seattle, WA
Cruddy Records/

Cruddy Records exec, Jim Sangster, invited GT to pair up with the ever-lovin' A-Bones. They wasted no time in commiting to the project and wrote "Sister Mary" especially for this record. The Catholic style biker response chant was a reflection of Bon and Kahuna's Catholic upbringing. As a bonus Kahuna gets the idea to write a commercial jingle for his main axe - the Mosrite. Many people mistake it for a cover of a real ad! Awesome Peter Bagge artwork!
GT artwork by Bon/PopDefect as Girl Trouble

Bloody Knuckles
(split with PopDefect)

Produced by Reg Slade at King Beagle Studios in Seattle, WA

It was only a matter of time. PD and GT had been on tour, partied, watched each other fight, borrowed money and confessed their intermost thoughts. They either had to record each other's songs or get married! The result is this wild little 45 where both bands went so far they re-created each others cover art too! That's Winston Barlow's head being examined on the GT side. PopDefect and Girl Trouble: "Get a room!"

You Got What It Takes
(split single with the Monomen) included in Gearhead #4

Produced by Tim Olsen at Outlaw Studios, Tacoma WA

GT was honored to be included in an actual Gearhead magazine. They were so honored they let Bon sing this Brook Benton/Dinah Washington hit with K.P. This song is still popular at live shows and luckily Bon is too busy behind the drums to offer her vocal talent. Outlaw Studios recently burned down in a fire which started next door at the Rite Spot Cafe where Elvis once ate lunch! Honest!

SUB POP 200 (1988)
"Gonna Find A Cave"
Sub Pop

"The Hustler"
Yes, that's Bon in the dark/Steve Fisk on piano!
"Walking the Dog"
"Prison Betty"
"Bring on the Dancing Girls" (live)
K Records

K Records

"Cold Shoulder/I'll Make You Sorry"
Empty Records US

"Shot in the Dark"

500 MILES TO GLORY (1995)


YO-YO A GO-GO (1996)
"My Hometown" (live)
Yo Yo Recordings

"My Hometown"

BITE BACK (1996)
"The Skin" (live)

"Night Life"
Blood Red Vinyl

IN THE COLE MIND - Tribute to Dead Moon (2000)
"I'm Wise"
Last Chance Records

"Sigue Sigue X-Mas"
Double Crown Records

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