Kickstarter Fans of The Week:

Part of the enticement to donate to filmmaker Isaac Olsen's documentary movie project was the fantastic opportunity (oh boy!) to appear on the Girl Trouble website. We will feature each one of these amazing people on the main page, but we knew everyone would want to see the entire group! We'll try to rotate these faster than "fan of the month" (we didn't realize we'd have so many generous contributors!) and keep going from there. We will add photos as they become available.

Thanks to you all!

Abe Beeson
Chris Willems
Laura Gompf Maier
Dan Sexton
Darlene Chalker
Darrell Fortune
Darren White
Diane Anderson
Greg Williamson
Jan Holst
Jimmy May
Junghwan Yang
Karl Zwick
Marc Wright
Paul Cangelosi
Brian Rainville
Angie & Randy Sherman
Ron Swarmer
Ryan Worsley
Stephan Ahlstrom
Steve Mandich
Tania Mueller
Torsten Rothaker
Zack Jones (Tate)
Lindsay Hutton
Jane & Jason

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