At the same time Girl Trouble formed, the band members realized that the local press wasn't exactly beating down their door to do feature articles. What was a new band to do? Should they send out press packets and demo tapes? Should they make phone calls and annoy people into discovering them? Should they try to get invited to all the "in" parties where the local writers could get a load of how hip they could act? Nope.

Girl Trouble chose the only option. Skip trying to get noticed and make your own damn magazine featuring...YOU. The first issue was printed in 1984 and certainly did feature many articles on Girl Trouble. Since then 24 issues have been published. They could only come up with so many articles about themselves so they finally had to start writing about a few other subjects. The snack and movie columns have been continuous over the years. Some of the popular non-snack articles includes "The Lawrence Welk Show", "Wig Out Looks At: The Puyallup Fair", "Meet Granny Go-Go", "The Guest-List Game", and "Introducing WigOutLand".

Longtime Wig Out readers may have noticed that the once regular 4 issues per year schedule has slowed down to a crawl. This is partly due to the fact that Girl Trouble was actually featured in other magazines, but mostly due to the crabbiness of Bon. Wig Out will always be published eventually, whenever Girl Trouble gets an idea for some more articles. Girl Trouble considers Wig Out to be a worthwhile achievement as well as a handy promotional tool. They are proud to say that every Wig Out published has been a free handout and financed by the band itself, not by advertisers. Below is a complete list of every issue, cover photo, and contents.


#1 (May, 1984)
COVER: K.P. Kendall in top hat at the first Girl Trouble gig
BACK COVER: ad for "Battle of the Cabbage Patch" movie (never released)

Wig Out #1: The plan was simple. No one would write about Girl Trouble so they decided to cut out the middle man and do it themselves. A revolutionary and highly controversial concept for the times. ("Wow, just who do they think they are!") A 16 Magazine/Tiger Beat style magazine devoted to the fluff they called necessity begins. Bon's Movie Grab bag is started, the first installment of the "Big K Guitar Corner" is featured and Girl Trouble's kooky friend Frank decides to help out the snack world with his own offering "Snackin' With Frank".

Dear Wig Out (totally made up)
These Are A Few of our Favorite Things: Chart of band faves
Big Kahuna's Guitar Corner: The Hillbilly Chord
On the Road to The Cramps: four days of on the road action
Bon's Movie Grab Bag: Game of Death (1979) w/deceased Bruce Lee
Meet the Prez (Frank Jarasitis short term as GT fan club president)/Snackin' With Frank
Back Inside: assorted ads, Jimmy Snuka trading card

#2 (July, 1984)
COVER: Barbecue with Girl Trouble
BACK COVER: Japanese ad

Wig Out #2! After the first issue hits the scene some people become outraged that GT would have the shear gall to write about themselves and worse yet, have no political purpose. Girl Trouble retaliates by printing a giant inside centerfold of themselves, featuring Dale's Hates and Luvs and Kahuna answers 25.
Dear Wig Out (some letters even real!)
The Big K Answers 25
Girl Trouble Presents: Hot Tips for Summer
Super Spectacular Girl Trouble Pin-Up
Dale: My Hates & Luvs
Big Kahuna's Guitar Corner: Guitar Tips from Kahuna
Bon's Movie Grab Bag: Hot Rods to Hell (1967)
Snackin' With Frank
Monster Bike Marathon

#3 (October, 1984)
COVER: Girl Trouble still life
BACK COVER: magazine ad for Gidget

Wig Out! #3: People start to understand the non-political, let's-not-be-so-serious approach to journalism. The featured 2-page spread on a visit to Kahuna's house is popular with the younger set. The always mysterious Winston Barlow appears on the scene and begins his "What's Happening, Baby" gossip column. He will soon take over our lives!
Dear Wig Out!
Bon Answers 25
What's Happening, baby?
by Winston Barlow
Kurt: My Hates & Luvs
At Home With...The Big Kahuna

Bon's Movie Grab Bag: It's A Bikini World (1967)
Big Kahuna's Guitar Corner
Pop Quiz
Snackin' With Frank
Raggiest Levis Contest
Donny Osmond Socks ad

#4 (December, 1984)
COVER: Someone's skinny Santa window display
BACK COVER: Wig Out pin-up of the Gentrys

Wig Out! #4: Considered to be one of our best issues. Bon and K.P. drive around town and take photos of some of the goofiest T-town Christmas displays. The band got to hang out with still one of their favorite (and certainly under-rated) bands, Tex and the Horseheads and wrote about the experience. They had a huge influence on GT. We follow Jim May around on his Vespa scooter. The first Girl Trouble calendar was included. Dear Wig Out
Dale Answers 25
Big Kahuna's Guitar Corner: Kahuna teaches you to write a song
Miracle on 56th Street cartoon by Kahuna
The Wig Out Guide to: Twinkle Lane
Girl Trouble Meets Tex and the Horseheads
1985 Calendar: Girl Trouble poses in the Tropicana alley
A Day With Jim May, Man of Action
Our Favorites of 1984
Tell Us...(fave entertainer poll)/GT publicity photo
On the Radio (GT on KAOS radio)/The Night I Met Joey by Bon
What's Happening, baby? by Winston Barlow
GT cartoon by Lloyd Myatt
Bon's Movie Grab Bag: Fire Maidens from Outer Space (1956)
Snackin' With Frank
Inside Back: Year End Wrap Up by Bon

#5 (April, 1985)
COVER: Tropicana dog pile
Harmonica ad

Wig Out! #5: This was a tough issue all the way around. First the fabulous Tropicana in Olympia got shut down. It was the place where Girl Trouble learned how to be in front of a crowd. Bummer. Even more devistating, K.P. Kendall hands in his Johnny Cash article and resignation from Girl Trouble all at once, in the middle of putting this one out. OUCH! Do they scrap Wig Out? Do they fold the band? Kahuna, Dale and Bon press onwards. You'll be sorry K.P. KENDALL!!!
Dear Wig Out!
What's Happening, baby?
by Winston Barlow
Big Kahuna's Guitar Corner
A Night With The Man in Black by K.P. Kendall
Last Night at the Tropicana
Bon's Movie Grab Bag:
The Love-Ins (1967)
Where Did He Go?: Stolen Elvis Bust Report
Does Elvis Live Again?
Snackin' With Frank

#6 (July, 1985):
COVER: Girl Trouble's shoes
BACK COVER: Skater Leaps for Joy

Wig Out! #6: That Texas fireball, David Duet, joins the group. They jump right back in the water with more gigs and a brand new Wig Out featuring lots of info on David. In conjunction with David's non-stop party schedule Girl Trouble joins him in Seattle for still some of the best parties of their lives with the legendary U-Men. People are still talking about it. How they had time to do any gigs or magazines with this swinging new social calendar is anybody's guess. Lots of photos of the new band and an advice column from Dale.

Dear Wig Out!
Meet David
The Story So Far...
Super Spectacular Girl Trouble Pin-Up
Groovy Pix of Groovy Groups
David Answers 25
What's Happening, baby?
by Winston Barlow
Bon's Movie Grab Bag: C.C. and Company (1970)
Ask Buddy: Dale Phillips Advice Column
Snackin' With Frank
Win a "Personal Tape" from Big Kahuna

#7 (September, 1985)
COVER: 60s water ski slide Bon found
BACK COVER: Nancy Sinatra

Wig Out! #7: The band is back in full swing with David. He writes song lyrics and articles about his exploits at the Woodshock Fest in Texas. Bon and her crazy pal Kon spent the summer being dee-jays on KUPS and Kon relates some inspiring stories. And you can't have a September issue without writing something about the Puyallup Fair. We poll people about their favorite fair rides and Kahuna fills in with one of the best articles in Wig Out. Dear Wig Out!
My Summer Vacation
by David Duet
What's Happening, baby? by Winston Barlow
Wig Out Looks At: Fair Rides
Kahuna Visits the Fair by Kahuna
My Life as a Pro Disc Jockey by Kon
Bon's Movie Grab Bag: Giant Spider Invasion (1975)
Ask Buddy: Dale Phillips Advice Column
Snackin' With Frank
Winston's House Party

#8 (December, 1985)
COVER: Johnny Cash Celebrates Christmas
BACK COVER: magazine ad for Rio Bravo

Wig Out! #8: The weirdest gig up to that point (and still in contention after all these years) was the one played at the Olympia High School Halloween Dance. Stern warnings from the principal (come on, is he REALLY your pal?) and fist fighting friends rounded out the evening. Bon was proud of her "Night Before Christmas" poem, the reworking of the famous Christmas favorite to reflect the punk rock sensibility at the notorious 56th Street House in Tacoma. The second Girl Trouble calendar featured David Duet and Wig Out got to take advantage of another graphic artist in the band, Mr. Duet himself. Dear Wig Out
Big Kahuna's Guitar Corner: on-stage disasters
The Night Before Christmas/Bon
1986 Calendar: Girl Trouble w/ David Duet
Rock and Roll High School by Bon (the Olympia Halloween disaster)
What's Happening, baby? by Winston Barlow
GT publicity photo/Wig Out Christmas party update
Bon's Movie Grab Bag: Hello Down There (1968) w/Tony Randall, Richard Dreyfuss and Merv Griffin
Snackin' With Frank
Back Inside: Bon's year end wrap up/ad: "Games with a Feminine Flair"

#9 (June, 1986)
COVER: KP, Kahuna and Bon on the beach, inset of Dale
BACK COVER: "Hello Down There" movie still

Wig Out! #9: Wouldn't you know it, after almost a year KP finally decided he made a big mistake. By coincidence David wanted to do more traveling including going on tour with the U-Men. Returning to the old Girl Trouble line-up was mutually agreed upon by all parties. It might have been the smoothest band member transition in rock history. The band attempted to explain the situation in this issue. Dislodging a snack column from Frank was getting more difficult. Dear Wig Out!
Why Did He Leave? Why Is He Back? Who Really Cares?
Super Spectacular Girl Trouble Pin-Up
Elvis, Elvis, Elvis
by Bon
Wig Out I.Q. Test
Rick Lewis Benefit Bash
Bon's Movie Grab Bag:
The Cool Ones (1967)
Eleganza clothing ad
Snackin' With Frank
Bon tries to explain who's in the band.

#10 (October, 1986)
COVER: Dale and Kahuna's GI Joes meet Bon's Barbie
BACK COVER: Wig Out Super Pin-Up (Clarence Williams III)

Wig Out! #10: One of the most mail generating issues of all time, Girl Trouble comes clean about the songs that drive them absolutely crazy. The mail poured in as everyone felt compelled to get their "most hated" known to the masses. Frank is less visible than ever so Bon whips up the "Man of Mystery" using famous quotes from Frank at various parties. Dear Wig Out!: Mike Martt of Tex and the Horseheads sends a photo of himself, Tex and his dad!
Let's Go to the F.B.I.
Bon: My Hates & Luvs
What's Happening, baby?
by Winston Barlow
Wig Out Photo-Rama
Our Top 10 Most Hated Songs
KP Kendall "Sexy Guy" Jeans ad
Bon's Movie Grab Bag:
Cleopatra Jones (1973)
Frank Jarasitis: Man of Mystery
Big Kahuna "Ouija Guitar" ad

#11 (December, 1986)
COVER: The old Tacoma Mall sign (of course now replaced with a 90s designer "strip mall" model)
BACK COVER: Silent-Glo Fan Club ad

Wig Out! #11: Jim May gets his own club in South Tacoma called the Community World Theater. It lasted two years and played host to some of the most amazing gigs of all time. Nirvana performed there when they were called Pen Cap Chew. This issue featured news on the grand opening. Frank finally bails for good on the snack advice so Bon fills in the space and starts "Snackin' Without Frank". Dear Wig Out!
TV Trivia: "The Mod Squad"
Toys They're Dreaming About
(Bon's old Sears catalog toys)
1987 Girl Trouble Calendar
Let's All Visit: Community World
Bon's Movie Grab Bag:
Viva Knievel! (1977)
Snackin' Without Frank
Get Ready For the 70s
(beer can hat instructions)

#12 (August, 1987)
COVER: The last photo of the 56th Street House
BACK COVER: magazine ad for Bikini Beach

Wig Out! #12: When Girl Trouble started making records the magazine biz took a back seat. The little magazine format was replaced by a somewhat bigger one. Another Tacoma era comes to an end as Kahuna, Jim May and John Grant move out of the 56th Street House, the "two story fire-trap where the fun never ended and the garbage had a mind of its own." Wig Out had to include a full feature on that one. Also in this issue Bon comes up with the "7 Wonders of Tacoma" which sparks many to visit the Wonders, make a 7 Wonders of their town or write about it in the Olympian Newspaper as Brian Rainville did. You no doubt noticed that one of the Wonders didn't survive stupidity. Dear Wig Out
Wig Out Exclusive: Tammy's Secret Identity (compares Thunderbirds Alan Tracy to Tammy Fae)
We Make A Record: the Riverbed single is revealed
ad: Annette and Frankie in Wrangler Jeans
What's Happening, baby? by Winston Barlow
The Seven Wonders of Tacoma
56th Street: End of an Era
Dig These Groups: pix of your favorite stars (the Groupies, the Kim Sisters, Girl Trouble)
Drum-a-rama/Name Buddy (Dale gets sick of being called Buddy Love)
Bon's Movie Grab Bag: Fireball 500 (1966) w/Annette, Frankie and Fabian
Snackin' Without Frank: The Mobile of Snacks
Back Inside: Get Ready For the 70s (learn Leg Lift Basics from Jay Osmond)

#13 (December, 1987)
COVER: KP Kendall's legs
BACK COVER: Colorin' Fun from Kentucky Fried Chicken free coloring book

Wig Out! #13: After reading another idiotic Rocket band directory, Girl Trouble decides to come up with their own phoney directory of T-town acts. This article was a crowd pleaser. The 4th calendar was a cartoon drawn by Kahuna of Girl Trouble made to resemble the Road to Ruin album. Dear Wig Out
What's Happening, Baby by Winston Barlow
The Twelve Days of Christmas
1988 Calendar: Girl Trouble as the Ramones "Road to Ruin" by Kahuna
Wig Out Gallery of Greats: Photo spread of Redd Kross, Doll Squad and Screamin' Sirens in action
Wig Out Directory of T-town Bands
Bon's Movie Grab Bag: Women of the Prehistoric Planet (1965)
Snackin' Without Frank
Back Inside: ad for Kalin Twins Music Studio/Season's Greetings from GT

#14 (December, 1988)
COVER: The last shot of the old 67 Ford Country Sedan that the Babe and Powerhouse let us borrow to take to gigs. The old reliable GT tour van replaced this vehicle.
BACK COVER: Hagstrom guitar ad w/The Met Cats

Wig Out! #14: Yes, that's right, only one mag this year. This is the year that Girl Trouble put out their first long playing album "Hit It or Quit It". A bitch of a project which would pave the way for all of their other bitch-of-a-projects for the next 13 years. Even though this Wig Out is one of the most spectacular to date with a three-color cover and calendar (matching the colors on the new album). The first Girl Trouble tour takes place and this is the first of Bon's excrusiating tour diaries. This issue also includes an actual piece of tape from the recording session with legendary Steve Fisk. Dear Wig Out
Bon Von Wheelie's "Once Upon A Tour": Stories from GT's first US tour
1989 Calendar: Girl Trouble "Hit It or Quit It" cover (3 color)
Jive Talkin'
"Hit It or Quit It, A Swingin' Session: Recording w/ Steve Fisk (includes recording tape)
Wig Out Exclusive: The Wonderful World of Sea-Monkeys
Bon's Movie Grab Bag: Superarger (1967)
Snackin' Without Frank: Snacking across the world
Back Inside: Bewitched fan club certificate

#15 (September, 1989)
COVER: The last days of the 112th Street Drive-In before it got turned into an apartment complex. That was the drive-in Bon and KP saw the exciting double bill: Star Wars and Megaforce.
BACK COVER: 16 Magazine 5 Errors Contest (the Grateful Dead)

Wig Out! #15: Another controversial article is written: "The Greatest Recordings of All Time". Shatman fans went ballistic when Leonard Nimoy was included and William Shatner wasn't. The answer was simple: Girl Trouble didn't own the Shatman record and didn't have any idea that it would be taken so seriously. More tour hell is described. Dear Wig Out
Debbie Gibson vs. Tiffany
Girl Trouble as Sea Monkeys: drawing by Brian/eelskin comix
ad: Famous Rev. DePrince, "Dean" of Prophet Power
Wig Out's Greatest Recordings of All Time
California Here We Come!
Bon's Movie Grab Bag: Girls Town (1959) with Mamie Van Doren and Paul Anka
Snackin' Without Frank: Halloween Treats
Inside Back: Girl Trouble ad for "When Opposites Attract" 45

#16 (January, 1990)
COVER: Girl Trouble shadows in the giant windows of Jim May's Japanese school.
BACK COVER: The Osmond Family

Wig Out! #16: Bon takes a little trip to the hospital. As they are wheeling her into the operating room she quickly whips up the sixth Girl Trouble calendar. The quick-thinking sickie comes up with the first all photo issue and fills all the other Wig Out pages with giant 8 x 10s of the Osmond brothers taken from somebody's once cherished scrapbook she bought at the thrift store. Donny
1990 Calendar:
Girl Trouble poses in front of the Japanese School
Back Inside: Wayne

#17 (December, 1990)
COVER: Kahuna blasts away on his Moserite guitar.
BACK COVER: magazine ad for Get Yourself A College Girl

Wig Out! #17: The first and probably only non-Girl Trouble penned feature article about the Banana Splits was written by Melissa Dunster. Bon writes an in-depth article on the "pop-topping" phenomenon of the 70s and the 7th Girl Trouble calendar is published. Dear Wig Out
The Banana Splits, What Happened? A mini-documentary (by Melissa Dunster)
A Wig Out! Television Christmas
1991 Calendar
ad: Bon's clipping of the Giant All-City Dance at the Tacoma Armory w/ the Sonics, Dimensions and Electric Train
Teen Time's Top Tunes/The Courage of Kurt and Dale or...Plane Stupidity
Wig Out Looks At: Pop-Topping
ad: Electrifying Kiss Jacket in full, fiery color
Bon's Movie Grab Bag: Megaforce (1982) with Barry Bostwick
Snackin' Without Frank: The Cereal Party
Back Inside: Girl Trouble record ad: Thrillsphere LP, Stomp and Shout EP, Cleopatra 45

#18 (August, 1991)
COVER: Isaac Olsen stands in front of a whacked out chalk board drawing of the Beatles (?) at the Japanese School.
BACK COVER: Stan Boreson with dogs Tallulah and No-Mo promotional photo

Wig Out! #18: Kahuna writes a spectacular article on William Shatner, who he actually saw in person. The first of the tributes to Granny Go-Go appears in this issue. Dear Wig Out
Ladies and Gentlemen...Richard McGhee
Go-Go Dos and Go-Go Don'ts
A Brakeman, a Clown, a Captain, and a Guy in a Sports Jacket: Bon looks at Northwest kiddie shows
Beam Me Up, Shatman, A Tribute to William Shatner (by Kahuna)
Bon's Movie Grab Bag: That Tennessee Beat (1960) with Minnie Pearl
Snackin' Without Frank: Forgotten Snacks to Remember
Back Inside: ad for Love Lite (make it yourself, sell 'em to everybody!)

#19 (January, 1992)
COVER: The back of tour boss Dave Harwell's head as he drives the GT van to hell and back.
BACK COVER: January Dragmate

Wig Out! #19: It looks like about one a year is all the band can muster with their constant touring schedule, recording dates and photo shoots. A huge Granny Go-Go story relating her life of dancing combined with our own personal glimpses. The incredible TBN is covered in this issue and it's time for the 8th Girl Trouble calendar. Dear Wig Out
Introducing Fan Club President: Unai
Moserite "Know Your Guitar" chart
What's My Compilation?
Go! Granny! Go!, the Story of Granny Go-Go (by KP Kendall)
Bon Remembers Granny
1992 Calendar: Girl Trouble in the shed
Wig Out Looks At: TBN
Bon's Movie Grab Bag: Staying Alive (1983) with John Travolta
Snackin' Without Frank: The Ten Greatest Snacks of All Time
Back Inside: Where the Boys Are full-page magazine ad

#20 (August, 1992)
COVER: The weird store on Pacific Ave that featured the sign "Wigs for All Occasions" for years even as the building was being torn down.
BACK COVER: J.P. Patches and Gertrude autograph a publicity photo to Girl Trouble

Wig Out! #20: Girl Trouble gets commercial and actually runs an ad for their own "Elvis Movie" double 45 on the Sympathy for the Record Industry label. They salute their favorite tourist attraction with their own version of Disneyland complete with a giant two page map of the place drawn by Kahuna. Dale shares his autograph from Bob Denver to Girl Trouble and Rod Moody shares his autograph to Girl Trouble from JP Patches and Gertrude (that's JP Patches' girlfriend if you aren't from the Northwest). My Little Buddy (by Dale)
Introducing WigOutLand (the new vacation destination)
WigOutLand map (by Kahuna)
Wig Out Through The Ages
Bon's Movie Grab Bag: The Curse of Bigfoot (1972)
Snackin' Without Frank: Barbecue of the Bands (Girl Trouble vs. The Crows)
Back Inside: Autographed Bob Denver photo "To Girl Trouble"

#21 (March, 1993)
COVER: Kahuna folds his shirt while Dave Harwell falls asleep on the luxurious Motel 6 bed.
BACK COVER: The Girl Can't Help It magazine ad

Wig Out! #21: Girl Trouble was on the road again and this one was made especially to distribute all over the US. The first genuine Wig Out hate letter is printed and the Granny single is released. Two quiz articles are featured to test your ability on how to pick out a guest list and if you're a bachelor or not. The Girl Trouble New American Shame color calendar is in the middle. On the Road Again
Your Entertainers
Dear Wig Out
Hangin' Out at Granny's Pad
The Guest List Quiz
1993 Calendar: Girl Trouble's New American Shame record cover (3 color)
ads for: The Scavengers Paperback, $4.98 Portable Home Bar, "Mellow Tone" exhaust tuner
The True Test of Bachelorhood
Bon's Movie Grab Bag: Villiage of the Giants (1965) with Tommy Kirk and Beau Bridges
Snackin' Without Frank: the On-the-Road Snack Test
Back Inside: 60s TV publicity still from Bewitched (Hippie, Hippie, Hooray! episode)

#22 (October, 1994)
COVER: Scott Fox looks out the window as the European tour van passes by the old abandoned check point of East Germany.
BACK COVER: The Girl Trouble and PopDefect Crew pose in front of Bonnie's Elvis Bar in Baltimore

Wig Out! #22: The year Girl Trouble actually traveled the world. It took Bon one full issue to tell the whole story; from the highs of hanging out with PopDefect, the Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet and Crackerbash to the lows that you'll just have to read to understand. Cast of Characters
Part One: Follow the Yellow Brick Freeway (US/Canada Special Needs Tour)
Part Two: Lions, and Tigers and Emergency Wards...Oh My! (West Coast Jaunt)
Somewhere Over the Ocean
Part Three: We Ain't In Kansas Anymore (European Tour Experience)
Snackin' Without Frank: tour snacking
Inside Back: "American Airline" and "Complete Set of Luggage for $2.98" ads

#23 (May, 1996)
COVER: The incredible Pancake Circus in Sacramento, California.
BACK COVER: Jack Webb Pin-up

Wig Out! #23: Bon decides to devote most of the issue to articles on Informercials and Lawrence Welk. More people have memories of Mr. Welk's program than they should be admitting. The snack column features your favorite stars' favorite snacks and Jack Webb gives handy safety tips throughout. Jack Webb's Safety Squad Coloring Book Photo
Dear Wig Out
The Wonderful World of Informercials
Wig Out Looks at Lawrence Welk
Bon's Movie Grab Bag: -30- (1959) featuring Jack Webb
Snackin' Without Frank: Snackin' With the Stars
Back Inside: Men's stretch wig ad

#24 (October, 1997)
COVER: Bon found some old slides of a doctor showing off his new office. This was one of them.
BACK COVER: Granny Go-Go wins the $1.98 Beauty Pageant

Wig Out! #24: After beloved entertainer Granny Go-Go dies at the very end of 1996 Girl Trouble tells the whole truth about what it was like to work with her. Granny's personal photos are featured. KP Kendall relates stories of his days at the Seattle International Raceway and Bon discusses the acting career of Brian Bosworth. The most elaborate snack column to date was featured in a "Let's Ask the Experts" Halloween Candy rating survey. Dear Wig Out
The Real Story of Granny Go-Go
Products of Tomorrow
The Snake, the Mongoose and Red Ants (KP Kendall's story of SIR)
The Boz by Bon
Bon's Movie Grab Bag: Stone Cold (1991) featuring Brian Bozworth
Wig Out Crafter's Corner
Snackin' Without Frank: Let's Ask the Experts (the Devil, The Grim Reaper, the Hippie, the Pirate, Zorro and the Ghost give their expert opinion on the best Halloween treats)
Back Inside: The Four Leaves for Coke


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