Love it, Hate It, Can't Do Without it; IT'S TIME FOR ... TOUR HELL
(The Girl Trouble tour diaries)

1998 Tour Highlights

Touring. Some bands love it and some bands hate it and some bands just do it because they are told to. It's no secret that Girl Trouble isn't real big on touring. But the fact remains we've toured to the best of our ability within the confines of our day jobs, in support of every album and E.P. we've ever released. We did it because "they" told us to. In September and October of 1998 Girl Trouble packed up Old Hickory for another jaunt across the US of A to, as they say, take it to the kids. (Unfortunately no one bothered to tell the kids.) We were such a big hit we decided that California needed to hear and see the "Go For It Summer Rock and Roll Spectacular" for themselves and understand first-hand what the rest of the country was talking about. This time however The Woggles and Japan's Accel 4 were brought on board for maximum firepower, thus the "Going Going For It" `99 Tour was born. Rather then go on and on about the highs, lows, and very lows of touring we just decided to post the following selected pictures and see for yourself what touring is really like…on a computer. But before we do here are some brief statistics.

Number of "Go For It Summer" shows: 26

Number of "Going Going For It" shows: 7

Number of emergency van repair stops: 6

Number of times a wheel came off the axle: 1

Number of cancelled shows: 1*

Number of times we tipped an auto mechanic: 4

Number of celebrities who came to a Girl Trouble shows: 3*

Number of times we were told "you guys are gonna have a great show": 4

Number of times we didn't have a great show: 5

Number of times we were told "they're gonna love you guys": 3

Number of times they didn't love us: 3

*The first time ever in Girl Trouble history!
*Ray Davies (Hoboken), Lenny Kaye (New York) and Amy Carter (Atlanta)




"Go For It Summer" Tour Pix
Captions by KP, pix by Bon

(Hit any little photo to see a bigger and more complete one)


   The group takes their first break but has no idea the trouble that awaits them.
   Laugh it up boys but that fuel line leak is just the beginning
   An actual tourist stop for the group. Located in downtown Mitchell, S.D., the Corn Palace is a must see for any mid-west traveler. The outside walls of the entire structure are murals made of corn and changed annually!
   Playing in front of 20 kids in Green Bay really takes a toll on tuckered out little rock stars.
   Another must on any trip east is the Grotto. Here you will find an old religious shrine made of stone, glass, and ceramic plate chunks and covering several acres at a home in the tiny burg of Dickeyville, Wisconsin. This must be seen to be believed and don't forget to visit the souvenir room and stock up on many a catholic trinkets.
   A day layover in Newcastle Pennsylvania allows K.P. to meet cousins on his Dad's side for the first time. Here his cousin's husband Dave shows us the beautiful McConnell's Mill a popular sight for parties and late night abductions. Kahuna meanwhile rethinks this whole touring thing before realizing he's in…. PENNSYLVANIA!
   As luck would have it our good friends from the North sent down support for our Pittsburgh show in the form of musicians and all around good guys Don Pyle with his trustee sidekick Andrew Zealley. If we laugh at all their jokes perhaps they will stay for another show.
   This inviting kitchenette setting, actually hangs upside down from the ceiling of the world famous Bug Jar in Rochester, New York. If you've never been there then this is old news if not we suggest you go. The entire ceiling is made up like someone's groovy bachelor(ette) pad and is very impressive.
   Big things begin to happen in Rochester. For starters "Old Hickory" bites the dust in the middle of the freeway in rush hour traffic. The following 6 hours would involve 3 tow trucks, substitute vehicle (courtesy of Bob Duke), another breakdown, crossing 2 lanes of speeding freeway traffic on foot and Bon Von Wheelie climbing over a 9 foot chain link fence, and those are just the highlights. It's a long story but with the help of Bob Duke of the Bug Jar and his wonderful staff and friends like Paul and Jamie, we were able to forge on. But not before we would not only put Old Hickory out of commission but also Bob's Honda as well as having to cancel our first show ever. (L-R Bug Jar's Bob Duke, Dale Phillips, Andrew Zealley, Kahuna, K.P., Jaimie and Don Pyle casting a spell on our photographer)
   Don and Bob survey the horrific carnage left in the wake of Andrew's witty barbs and verbal jabs. Approach with extreme caution.
   Separated at birth is A-Bone's guitar player Bruce Bennett and GT's Dale Phillips. Later, we would be informed by A-Bones drummer Miriam Linna that this would be the last show for them.
   Here we are reminiscing with our good friends from the Tacoma of the east, Worcester MA. On this particular evening Captain PJ interviewed the group for his radio show. (Left to right. Kahuna, Bon, John O'Neill, Captain PJ, Dale, David, and Melissa.)
   Here he is again, it's Disc Jockey, puppeteer, and international fashion model Captain PJ eagerly displaying his GT wares for the camera. That is one giant t-shirt.
   We take Atlanta by storm and celebrating our victorious show backstage with the band is none other than that super front man for headliners, the Woggles, Professor Manfred Jones.
   K.P. still has the energy to muster up this beefcake shot in the living quarters of Patrick from the Woggles. Of course the only interested party is Patrick's dog.
   Bands, fans, and crew pile in as we bid a fond farewell to the Makers with whom we had played 4 shows. (L-R Mike Stegall, Jamie, Jay, stalker, Dale, Mike's Sweetie Pie, Don, Mike, Tim Kerr, Vic Mostly, Kahuna, and K.P.)
   Finally our name in lights and a bowling alley even!" This bowling alley is located on the real Route 66 and is run by Mike Haynes and his parents who even stuck around for part of the GT rock and roll express. And for all you meat-eaters out there, be sure to try out their great burgers. You will not be disappointed.
   Fortunately for us, Lawrence Kansas would be our sixth and final stop at an auto repair shop. However this would not be the last problem to surface in Old Hickory before we reached home. Cross your fingers and pray.


"Going Going For It Summer" Tour Pix
Captions by KP, pix by Bon

(Hit any little photo to see a bigger and more complete one)


   After an all to long stay in L.A., the Troublers are treated to a delicious farewell brunch at the home of Babs. Parting is such sweet sorrow, "Now which way to I-5?" (L-R Bon, John, Al and Jill, Miss-T, Nick Scott, Kahuna, Babs, Dale, and Wedge)
   At Club Mesa, the Woggles show 32 people what 25 had missed the night before in Long Beach.
   Belly up to the bar boys, your host this evening is Mike LaVella from Gear Head magazine and we hear he mixes a pretty stiff Double Grundy!
   The rhythm section of Accel 4, show Bon Von Wheelie how the "pointing" craze is what's happening in the "Land of The Rising Sun". (L-R Jesus Accel, Bon, Devil Moon)
   K.P. takes time out to schmooz with the fans.
   In Seattle, a special plate commemorating Girl Trouble's west coast tour with the Woggles and Accel is proudly displayed by our very own Kahuna. The plate was later given away during one of GT's notorious dance contests.
   K.P. tries out his centuries-old “Programs get yer programs!!” routine on unsuspecting passers-by to the amusement Montague and Jesus Accel who obviously haven’t been exposed to such vaudevillian escapades before. Devil Moon on the other hand has obviously seen this bit too many times to care.
   Jesus Accel and Montague give Bon’s head the Japanese hand sign for photo-hog while the rest of the gang watch in amazement as Manfred performs what a “double grundy” means down in the Bible Belt!
   Here the entire posse of star-studded ‘GOING GOING FOR IT’ TOUR 99 muster up one last bit of energy for a final group pose. (Normally this would have been one of their traditional rock pyramids but the bar had closed already and the concrete’s just to hard for our tender little knee caps.)
   Bon bids adieu to Woggles sticks-man Dan Electro while shouts of “get a room!” and “programs get yer programs” are hurled from on-lookers.
   Dale is still reeling from Manfred’s earlier antics during which a slightly disoriented K.P. apparently tries to...hail a taxi!!?? Kahuna starts to wonder, “is he too late to save”?
   Bon bids adieu (again), this time to Accel 4 frontman and guitarist Akira Accel. “Bon we’re ready to go.....Bon?....Hey Bon!....


That about wraps it up for this latest tour. In closing, what have we learned? Well absolutely nothing. But just remember, if you ever hear of a band called Girl Trouble coming to your town to play, be sure to call ahead to confirm their because chances are we're at home watching reruns of "Growing Pains" and it's probably just that heavy metal band from Phoenix.


If you haven't seen this yet, click here for a big report on the '97 West Coast tour and other G.T. happenings. Bon writes way too much about their trip during May, '97 and includes many of her personal photos of your fave stars including Popdefect, Satan's Pilgrims, The Brothers E and Pat Todd. Let's join them in the tour van, shall we?


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