So you just can't get enough of my wit and wisdom, eh? Here's everything I've written during the years...


Dateline: March, 2003

What can I say in a time where everybody has flipped out? How about...on with the show!

WINSTON VS. AVALANCHE: If you check this page often, and I'm sure you do on a regular basis, you may have noticed that during my oh-so-glowing praise of our local wrestling I linked up to one of Bon's favorite wrestlers, Avalanche. I also linked to the entire ICW page as a way to get people involved in going to the matches. I thought I was doing them a service. You could almost say it was excessive promotion. I am very careful to link correctly to any site I take you to, so as not to inadvertantly "steal" from other pages (okay, I confess about the Richard Simmons "Dream Maker" vid, but it would have been lost to the world if I hadn't done something drastic and it was my supreme duty to save it from oblivion!). That's why I was shocked last week to learn that when you click on the "Avalanche" link you get this absolutely snotty/crude (and certainly uncalled for) remark about how I am stealing the wrestlers' precious "bandwidth". The only thing is: IT'S NOT TRUE. I linked legitimately. Apparently some faulty program they've engaged is indiscriminately taking anyone who linked to individual wrestlers (regardless of whether it's legitimate or not) and replaced it with a nasty warning. Fine. No more links to their page. I always assumed that the idea of the web page was for promotion. We are happy to have somebody (aka anybody) link to us. In fact somebody selling a beautiful Harvey Thomas guitar on eBay recently linked to the Harvey article that Tim Olsen wrote on our Northwest Gallery page to give more information about the guitar. We were thrilled. What the hell is a web page for? Maybe the wrestlers have endured one too many pile drivers. They want it to be their secret little domain (which by the number of audience members seems to be getting a little more "secret" all the time) so I will comply. Far be it from me to try to help pump up their sagging attendance records with my feable attempts at promotion. Obviously they can handle it all by themselves. No problem! All I gotta say is: "Give me some REAL MEN like Sigfried and Roy!" Real macho men who are more than happy to have people sing their praises and link to their spectacular web site (see LINK button on GT main page). Hell, they'll even provide all kinds of fantastic wall papers that you can put on your computer...and if you think we aren't making good use of those here at Wig Out HQ, you're crazy!

(AT THE GARAGE) L to R: Dolly, Coco, Bunny and Gigi. (AT THE SHOW) L to R: Dolly, Bunny, Coco and Gigi.

ON A MORE PLEASANT NOTE: The Troublettes. How's that for pleasant? I tell ya they were spectacular at the First Night celebration New Year's Eve and if ya missed 'em you LOST BIGTIME! Even though the venue was a totally dirty, cold, half finished renovation project (a big surprise to all concerned) with no stage, those girls didn't let it phase them. A few weeks before the band kept apologizing to the dancers for making them practice in the spaceous Will Henderson garage. Little did they know that the garage was quite a bit more glamorous than where they'd eventually end up performing! Regardless it was a night to remember. People turned out to see them and were amazed at their precision go-go routine. Besides regulars Bunny and Coco (who danced three years ago in Seattle at Bumbershoot), newcomers Gigi and Dolly were recruited to make it a foursome. Once again they were the hit of the entire show. They danced a choreographed routine with our own K.P. Kendall to "Cold Shoulder" and "Mohair Sam". Changing from the "summery" green polyester to the more dramatic black-white-black contrasted beautifully to Girl Trouble's muppet-style bright red turtlenecks. We hope to have a short video of this routine posted eventually, but until then let's look at some of the incredible shots Rick Reinert got at rehearsal and during the action which appear above and at the bottom of this report. Also check out First Night photos from Corey of the Mexican Blackbirds. In fact check out his whole site for cool pix of all your fave stars at But our biggest thanks must go out to the fantastic Troublettes themselves for another memorable show! And on an "aside" a big GT hurry-up-and-get-well goes out to Bunny (aka Deirdre) for her recent bout of downtime. We hope to see her back in full go-go action soon!

LIGHTS, CAMERA, MUD: Girl Trouble's long time pal (and old Tropicana lighting tech!) Ty Kearny has been releasing videos of some of the wildest (and muddiest) dirt bike racing you will ever see. Ty gets so up close and personal I thought that mud was coming right out of the screen! For his latest venture he boldly decided to use our very own Girl Trouble as the soundtrack for his Mudslingers Video. And Girl Trouble was more than happy to be connected with such a cool project! This video is a must-have for anybody interested in non-stop Northwest moto-action so don't miss your chance to get a copy.

GIRL TROUBLE DURING THE FOOTBALL REPORT? That wasn't Girl Trouble I heard while I was watching my favorite Seattle Seahawks sports report was it? Look at my neck! If you don't think old Winston played some high school football in his day you are livin' in the wrong century, jack. Yes, my flattop haircut may have grown out a bit but I don't miss a chance to see "Q It Up" Sports on Channel 13. That's why I just about jumped out of my Lazyboy and spit my beer and pretzels out when I saw "my boys" (that would be the Seahawks) running, blocking, passing, kicking and fumbling while Girl Trouble's "Tarantula" blasted away in the background. Now I've worked with the GT crew for almost 20 years. I can tell you that the closest they've been to football is to know what act played at what Superbowl halftime. So you can imagine everyone's shock when the video montage was over and the Girl Trouble name was prominently displayed like one of those MTV videos. Now if the Seahawks had only made it to the Superbowl, the rest would have been history...

AND IT'S ABOUT TIME! Bon Von Wheelie marked a milestone of a birthday at the end of November '02. I didn't dare ask what that milestone was! Let's just say I value my life. Kahuna along with the rest of the band and the Henderson/Olsen coalition all chipped in and got the (still reigning and don't you forget it, pal!) "Teen Queen of the Big Boss Beat" a brand new black Gretsch drumset! Bon was stunned and thrilled to say the least. She's still not sure if they did it for her or for themselves, since the three of them were increasingly imbarrassed to carry that duct-taped peice of shit that had been around the block even more times than Ms. Von Wheelie. No matter what the reason, it's a definite welcome addition to the Girl Trouble arsenal.

IF YOU LIVE IN SAN FRANCISCO...There's a rumor the GT posse might be heading your way in late May. Stay tuned for more details as they become available.

WHEN'S THE NEW CD COMING OUT? That's the big question isn't it? I'm back to work. See ya next time everybody!


Hours of rehearsal time were spent in the unheated, freezing cold Henderson Compound Garage. Ed looks on as K.P. and the Troublettes hone their moves. That's the dance cheat sheet at the bottom.


The final practice before the big First Night Show. Girl Trouble provides the "real deal" as the Troublettes prove that they've got it all together. And the band thought they were "moving up" to a better stage than the garage floor! Ha!


The girls get the crowd ready for the show-stopping that is to follow. You didn't believe us when we told you how dirty that place was? Check K.P. Kendall's clean black Levis! That's the new Bon Von Wheelie drumset in the back.


The rustic venue didn't stop the Troublettes from swinging into action with K.P. front and center. The crowd thrilled to their wild, precision routine. All these fantastic photos were taken by our pal Rick Reinert.


Dateline: December, 2002

Hi all you Santa's Helpers! Man, it's a week before Christmas and I'm bogged down in all of that Christmas preparation that we men just love: fussing with the tree, helping the little woman shop at every mall in town...over and over and over again, freezing out in the cold assembling all those lighting displays, gift wrapping, fighting traffic. With all this on my festive holiday plate there ain't much time to let you in on all the scoops, or at least more of my bitching about cable television (and I could go on about that for days!). So I'll be quick and let you get back to listening to more Christmas favorites by Kenny G and Luther Vandross.

Somebody said that a picture is worth a thousand words so I'm just going to let you gaze at this for awhile. This is our fearless foursome (that would be Girl Trouble if you didn't guess it) when they appeared on Rockin' Rod's radio show, "Brains Knocked Out". They had a blast talking way too much, forcing Rod to play music that didn't fit his format and generally bugging the crap out of him. That's one thing that can be said about Rockin' Rod...he knows how to put up with almost anything Girl Trouble can dish out. Unfortunately, I can't recommended this fab radio show because they pulled the plug on the enitre KBTC station and this was Rod's last show. But as they say, "memories are made of junk like this" and we will never forget the excitement that was the Rockin' Rod show. Below you see a photo snapped by Ed "Snaps" Nadorozny. Left to right is the fabulous Kurt Flansburg (aka the Record Geek and engineer/straight man, also host of KBTC's "So Bad It's Good Theater") interviewing Kahuna while Bon, genial host Rockin' Rod (who I believe is being forced to sit on K.P. Kendall's lap!), K.P. Kendall and Dale try to ignore them. What exactly was K.P. telling Rod? It's best left unspoken. Thanks to Rod, Kurt Flansburg, along with Tanya and Gary for a full-filled evening.

That's it for this time. Happy Holidays to everybody and I'll see you at First Night. I'll be the one up front when those cute Troublettes take the stage!

Dateline: July, 2002

Man, that touring can just take it out of a guy! I spent of the end of May, all of June and part of July on tour with Girl Trouble and the time just flew by, probably because we were having so much fun. Of course those newly commited tour hounds did it up right as usual taking Japan, Europe and most of the US (east) by storm. I'm sure we'll be getting the photos back soon. I'll spare you all the details now but needless to say we had a blast! Girl Trouble would like to thank all those cool people they met, played for, stayed with and stole all that beer from. It's a couple of months that no one who was involved will soon forget. Hope we caught you and if we didn't, we just hope we'll see on the next tour! I'm going to sleep now...

Dateline: May, 2002

Oops...I kinda drifted through April. Even though it looks by my photo that I haven't aged one day since I came on board the Girl Trouble Gravy Train 18 years ago, I still find the months slipping by faster than ever. Who's with me on this one?

WINSTON'S RANT: And while I'm reflecting on my old age, is anybody really that interested in the mundane details of how GT recording sessions are going or what a "killer, revved-up, lo-fi" set they did for up to 40 people over at Stella's? Okay, that scary routine K.P. did where he smashed his sweaty naked mid-section all over the front window to the slightly horrified crowd might rate a mention but otherwise you kind of had to be there and no amount of my explanation is going to sound unique. Here's where old Winston gets controversial and will probably receive a ration of hate mail. I've been checking out a lot of web pages lately and I hate to be a bringdown baby, but they all seem kind of the same. Is anybody as tired of black websites as I am? Okay, maybe for one page it's okay, but for the enitre thing? It's hard to read and it's boring. I know...ooh, scary...but hell, I can turn the damn computer off and see a black screen! And the endless encyclopedic shopping list of minute details. I agree it's a necessary part of the website to a degree (and Girl Trouble certainly is guilty of it too) but is that all there is? I'm not planning on doing research here folks! I know the show was the wildest, the recording session was killer, the tour was a crazy wild rollercoaster of thrills but oh-so-successful and the new CD on "Groovy-Fab Records" is so rockin' it will blow my little mind! But people, that's a given with every band. What I wanna know is what the band is doing when they ain't a band. Show me some pictures you took at a party, display the band's school photos, tell me what you did last weekend...

Is this a hillbilly family?WRESTLING AT THE TEMPLE: With that in mind I'd like to draw your attention to what K.P. and Bon have been up to every month. Why, it's IPW wrestling at the Temple Theater in Tacoma. Every month Streetfighter Tim Flowers and his cast of sports entertainers put on more show for your $10 than you can find anywhere else in the free world. Bass player from that exciting Seattle band Head, Ree Ree Reinert and "The Little Woman" Deirdre Reinert, have been joining KP and Bon, along with Bon's main man Ed for this no-holds-barred blast of super action! Besides the exciting matches, eating expensive hot dogs, and beer drinking up in the balcony, during half-time all the ICW stars come out for photo-ops with the fans. Bon's absolute favorite wrestler is Teenage Dirt Bag but she's also partial to Avalanche who is everybody's all-time fan favorite. KP's new favorite is Sloth, although they've decided he should be re-named Superboy. KP even yells, "Get 'em Superboy!" during his matches. That's KP and Deirdre with the newest ICW star. And okay, they have a black website but if you think I'm complaining to these guys you're out of your ever-lovin' mind! Why, they'd tear my stinkin' head off!

IT'S DEMOLITION DERBY SEASON: Of course, the other popular Girl Trouble summertime activity has got to be Demolition Derby at the Spanaway Speedway. Happily to all GT members the Speedway is in operation again this year. As with anything cool in Tacoma, a housing development threatened to replace it until it was discovered that the ground was so contaminated with 50 years of grease and oil is wouldn't be fit for homes. That doesn't mean it won't happen eventually but it did buy us all a few more years of awesome race action. Dale, Kahuna, KP and Bon try to make the scene at the Demolition Derby at least a few times every year. The roll-overs and the chain race being the most popular. All agree that beer, loud engines and smoking motor oil is a tough combination to beat. Check out the WADD page for scheduled races. Again, more entertainment value for your admission price than should be allowed! Warning: Be careful of the nachos.

AMC AGAIN?!: I'm sure you remember my rant from last time about the AMC channel. Well, if you don't it's right below this rant. East Coast Girl Trouble Fanclub President, Bryan Schneider was nice enough to say he knew exactly what the 'C' in AMC stood for: commercials. He must be referring to the "movie extra" which is, of course, where they break up the movie by sticking in helpful trivia...oh yeah, and plenty of commercials! Hey, I think Bryan is on to something here! But just when I'm ready to write them off altogether a curious thing has been happening the last couple of weeks. I've been seeing movies like The Violent Years, College Confidential and (one of my all-time favorites) The Ghost of Dragstrip Hollow! You have to be up around 2:00am like old Winston is to catch them but still it's pretty great to see something other than that happy-go-lucky fun-fest "On Golden Pond" about 15 times a week. Is it just me or is that about the biggest bring-down of a movie you've ever seen in your life? Somebody hand me the gun! Also for those of you in the Northwest be sure to check out "So Bad It's Good Theater" hosted by our old pal, Kurt Flansburg. Kurt is a notorious scenester around the T-town area and even more to his credit, a long time guitar player in the Rockin' Rod and the Strychnines combo. Even if the movie is a little stinky (could that be possible?), Kurt's hosting, fab tidbits and classic bad-movie-host shtick is worth tuning in for. Check out the KBTC web page for particulars.

THE HOOK UP: Okay, now this is the part of the show where I hook you up with a couple of other websites I've been digging lately. I know we could just do this through some kind of links page but again just a shopping list of links doesn't really appear to me. "If you're going to hook me to a link I want to know why!" I'll give you the low-down on each one and you can decide from there.
First up
is go-go girl extraordinare, Deirdre, who was part of that four-woman super-cool Girl Trouble dance troop during Bumbershoot. She's got a great website that is devoted to cool movies, entertaining in-depth reviews and lots of Ann-Margaret related stuff. The "Movies That Rock" section is one of my favorites. Great review of Elvis' "Live A Little, Love A Little". Check it out!

There's a website that was recently revealed to us through the email. Mack has a giant search-engine of coolness going on over at the Trashcompactor. You could spend all day searching around on this baby! Click on different catagories and find a ton of great websites. Anytime you can poke around and find a giant full-color photo of the late-great Wahoo McDaniels, why that's AOK in our books!

And here's one I just can't get enough of. If you've read any of the accounts of Girl Trouble on tour you know their love for old amusement parks, actually the more broken-down the better. Well, here's a site that is right up their alley devoted to nothing but grown-over, hardly-used and torn-down amusement parks that will flip that embroidered monigrammed hat right off your head! It's all about defunct amusement parks and some of the photos are incredible. I'll hook you up with the best one and you can search around from there.

And after w've visited that we might as well go over to Yesterland and see all the cool stuff that used to be at Disneyland but was removed for whatever reason. Damn that Walt for saying that Disneyland is an on-going project that will never be finished! He had the right idea to keep adding on, but now it's just an excuse to put lots of cool attractions on the endangered list! We want to go on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride no matter how many times we've already been on it! (By the way Mr. Toad got removed from Disneyworld but is still going strong, hopefully forever, at Disneyland.) We've learned on this informative page that the experience Kahuna had as a small child (he thought he and the family were actually going to be shinking on the Adventures thru Inner-Space ride and freaked-out) was not a unique experience. Let's go on the People Mover one more time.

Well, I think I've opened my big fat mouth about as much as I want to this time. The big news for next time should be the revealing of the new Girl Trouble web video. Until then, hope to see you out at Spanaway Speedway!

Dateline:March, 2002

I know I keep harping on this cable thing but has anybody noticed that AMC is trying to wedge movies like "Preditor" into their schedule? Oh that Arnold Schwarzenegger, isn't he considered the new Humphrey Bogart? Why don't they just get it over with and call themselves "AM" and just leave off the "C" part. But in their favor I did get up to see Arch Hall Jr in "The Choppers" the other day and believe me that's a classic! I also got a free sneak peak at the Starz channel for the weekend. They are trying to entice me to pay more for their quality entertainment. I ended up finally watching part of the best show they offered "Viva Rock Vegas". This would be the horrifying second Flinstones movie where all the horrifying cast from the first one bailed so they had to dig up another bunch of people starving for work to take their places. And to top it off, it's a "prequel" to the first movie (which fortunately I didn't see). You haven't lived until you've seen Steven Baldwin mugging for two hours as Barney Rubble. Much like the proverbial train wreck, I didn't want to look but I just couldn't turn away. Needless to say I don't think I'll be getting Starz anytime soon.

KAHUNA AND DAMON: Well, the really big news around here is the fact that Kahuna got to meet one of his longtime heroes, Damon Albarn from Blur/Gorillaz. Damon was in Seattle to do the Gorillaz show and stopped by the local alterno radio station KNDD. It just happens that our good buddy and one of Seattle's best rock n' roll frontmen (for the band Comb Over), Dick Rossetti, is a popular jock at the station. Dick got the honor of interviewing Damon Albarn and Dan the Automator. Kahuna just happened (on purpose) with Dick's invitation to be at the station during the interview. Hope you all got to hear Dick in action as he fired off all the questions you'd ask them yourselves if only you could. When the interview was over Kahuna got to meet Damon, shake hands, get an autograph and do all that fan type stuff. The consensus was that Damon Albarn seems to be a really nice guy. Later Kahuna and Dick met other Girl Trouble members at the big Gorillaz show at the Paramount in Seattle. All agreed it was an eye-popping, spectacular event. They sounded good too even if they did play behind a screen. If you haven't checked out the Gorillaz web page I suggest you do right now. This is one fantastic experience that you could spend hours playing around with. Go through the lobby and don't miss spray painting the bathroom walls! I still can't get the geep to do anything but fly over the freeway retaining wall and crash below.

LEGAL AGE: I guess Girl Trouble can finally vote and be sent to "big people jail" because they just turned 18! They did their celebrating on Friday at the Shoboat. The sound was great. Lots of people showed up to hear the always amazing Head and the equally swinging Plastards. There were actually four people in the crowd who were at that first GT Battle of the Bands show back in 1984! Loyal Girl Trouble fans or crazed stalkers, you be the judge! Girl Trouble thrilled the crowd when they tossed out packaged military boy and girl GI Joe knock-off dolls. And you couldn't call these items "action figures". They were dolls! Bon brought out stacks of old Wig Outs she'd dug out of the closet and people dove on them like locust. My only question: I wonder what the other bands who battled that night are doing right now? Probably sitting home with the kids and watching Viva Rock Vegas on the free Starz preview.

Erin Go Brau everybody! See ya next month.

Dateline: January, 2002

"Hey Hey Hey!" I guess all that jealousy and envy in my last column paid off because look what happened: Girl Trouble finally got off their butts (or can you use the term "get off your butt" when discussing computer work - I think not!) to give the old Girl Trouble web page a much needed facelift. Webmistress Bon, along with her trusty sidekick Dale Phillips, is attempting to consolidate information and streamline the buttons to make web surfers hang ten a little easier. She's adding new buttons and updating the old ones. So give everything a once-over when you have time. During the last year Bon wrote a few things on her own page (Click the WHO button and then click on the individual GT members) but so far she's the only one. The original idea was to get each member to share what's on their minds. Apparently K.P., Kahuna and Dale's minds are blank pages since none of them seem to be writing much. We hope to change this (or else reveal huge secrets about each one of them!) in the next few installments. Also new to the page is the NITTY GRITTY button. The band decided that maybe they have a few do's and don'ts to share with bands who are just starting out on this wild ride we call "Showbiz". There's a lot more to the fabulous glitz and glamor world that Girl Trouble lives in than meets the eye. After 18 years of living the dream, they are ready to share their secrets with you! Or maybe they'll just bitch like usual. But the most exciting new addition is the AUDIO-VISUAL button. Isaac Olsen (along with Tim Olsen and Ed Nadorozny) have offered to lend some hands toward posting a few video clips and MP3s. If you enjoyed GT's rendition of "Holly Jolly Christmas" over the holidays, get ready for more dynamite entertainment. The video clips come from the personal Girl Trouble video library. The clips may take some time to load, depending on the speed of your computer, but Isaac guarantees they will be worth the wait.

ENGINEER LOCATED: Maybe you heard the rumor. Girl Trouble misplaced their engineer and master tapes during last year. Luckily Brent DeRoscher has been located and Girl Trouble is ready to start the "tons-o-fun" mixing process in the next couple of months. Could a brand new Girl Trouble CD be released in 2002? If you think I'd speculate on that one you don't know old Winston very well.

HAS TACOMA DONE SOMETHING RIGHT? Probably Tacoma didn't have much to do with it since a guy from Seattle seems to be mainly involved, but somebody, somebody with a whole lot of capital has done the unthinkable. The old Crescent Ballroom - the ballroom where the Sonics and Wailers and Nirvana and yes, even Girl Trouble once played, the ballroom that KJR deejay Pat O'Day said every rock and roll fan should salute as they passed by, the ballroom that was just about one step away from the wrecking ball, has been...dare I say it...restored! Why, the thing is so damn beautiful I could cry! Whoever is in charge of this project put the grand old girl back the way she used to be. We are crossing our fingers that the actual ballroom inside will also remain the same. Thank Heaven somebody was senstive to seeing the beauty in a broken down old building that dripped with Northwest history and simply put it back the way it was without modernizing it. Luckily for Tacoma not everyone is as stupid as the idiots at Tacoma Dodge (see Felix and Wolf). So do yourself a favor and drive over to 13th and Fawcett to marvel at a Tacoma Landmark of Northwest Music History. And like Pat O'Day says, don't forget to salute.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, DEEPEST SYMPATHY...We're not sure which, but March 9th marks that first Girl Trouble show way back in 1984! That's the now famous Battle of the Bands where the heavy metal band had more cash tied up in their leather chest harness costumes than Girl Trouble had in their equipment. Yes, it's 18 wonderful years, a lot of good stories and more good friends than we can name. Who'da thunk it?

That's the scoops. -30-

Dateline: October, 2001...

Remember how I mentioned that groovy decorating guy, Christopher Lowell? He's the one that is inspiring old Winston to give the boring GT web page an oh-so-fashionable new updated look with these marvy decorator colors. In fact, let's all do ourselves a favor and watch him fly up at us right now. Keep clicking on the "Christopher Lowell" button at the left and he'll keep flying right at you. Man, that kills me every time. Go, baby!

Yes I admit it. I've been looking at all the other fancy band web pages and realize we are pretty much still carving our name in cliffs compared to everybody else. (I've got this idea I like to call "the wheel" for my next discovery if anyone's interested.) On the sites I've seen lately: the scary band logo fades in and turns into a hearse that drives straight at you and flys over your head. A monster jumps out singing "Go Go Gorilla" and hops into a cage to go-go dance! The band members faces fade in and keep spinning around until you click on one. Then a video pops up showing each members current pulse and heart rate as they state their "hates and luvs". No fooling. In fact, I'm kinda getting a headache right now just thinking about some of them. "I'm envious and get me some aspirin!"

Okay, enough goofing off, there must be something in the Girl Trouble world (and believe me that's the only "world" I really want to be discussing at the moment) we can talk about. How about this?: GT has been on a roll with some gig action. They actually took a trip to Vancouver, BC on the 1st of September to play the big Geared to Go-Go Fest. The border crossing was handled by what all the GT guys deemed as "a really cutie-pie of a girl" and it was the smoothest Canadian emigration experience yet. Unfortunately it didn't look like it was going to be too smooth for the hippie/alterno band next to them. After the group "leader" was told to go back and bring in the rest of his band, Girl Trouble noticed them out in the inspection dock parking area trying to get their stories straight. The Geared to Go-Go Festival was a blast with bands, movie premier and mod fashion show. The Groovie Ghoulies, Chris and Tad Show, Down and Outs and the Skablins all put on a fantastic show. Now I know I'm not supposed to know who the head Skablin is (dressed as a scary ghost) but that voice sure sounded like our old pal Nardwaur. He came down during their frenzied set and tried to force our own Dale Phillips to join him on stage to dance in front of the crowd. Good luck on that one. Even the undead can't force our Dale to dance. Dale said whoever the mystery ghost was "he had a grip like a vice!" Earlier that afternoon Girl Trouble watched the rehearsal for the fashion show and was a little skeptical of the whole project to say the least. But they were proved wrong as about 12 supermodels pranced, danced, strutted and hopped around in groovy mod fashions carrying "Gonks Go Beat" signs (as if they knew what that was) and weilding 60s ray guns. Girl Trouble was sold on this show-stopping event. Lots of cool people, great bands, rad scooter action and bowling made the trip a blast, eh. Thanks to Frank Yahr and company for a very well-planned event.

Girl Trouble is trying that video thing once more. This time they've teamed up with that hot, young, super-hip and in-the-know director Isaac Olsen. You might remember seeing a very small Mr. Olsen on the cover of Wig Out #18. Now he's in high school and thinks he's just the guy to boss a bunch of old people around (that would be Girl Trouble). So far the "dailies" are looking great! Bon slaps K.P., Dale and Kahuna are "Branski and Bruce" a Starskey and Hutch type crime duo, there's twisting, special effects and some guest actors.

DATELINE: June 2001...

"Wasn't I something back there?": Remember when the Bartending Academy guy would say that after he had a major flipout at his office? The Bartending Academy commerials used to have this weird guy as their spokesman who would flip over that daily grind of a boring desk job and suddenly be happy as a clam to work in a bar after graduating from Bartending Academy. Wow, bartenders sure have the good life...meeting interesting friendly people who like to have fun, why life is just one big party day after day. And you make good money too!

Anyway, wasn't I something back there? Okay the cable was getting me down but I'm so much better after getting my VH1 back in the morning. I actually got to view "the making of all the Divas specials". There's something the world needs to see! I just about crapped my pants when a bunch of Divas were sitting around a piano trying to sing together and Celine Dion kept adding this weird conterpart "I'm the star of this show" harmony for every line they sang. Memories..."oh yeah, those memories, yeah" the corners of my mind..."the corners, those corners, my mind yeah"...misty water colored memories..."all those blue, green, red, pink, memories"...of the way we were..."oh how we were back then, just remembering, so misty, yeeeeah". Wow!

Let's see, I'm supposed to be talking about Girl Trouble happenings aren't I? Dale bought a new acoustic bass guitar, KP is finally getting his car fixed at Zyggi's, Bon is buying brass lamps on ebay, and Kahuna is waiting for the new Planet of the Apes movie to come out. They are recording in their own garage this weekend as an experiment. That's about it for now...

DATELINE: April 2001...

I'm totally pissed off this month kids. My fabulous cable company decided that 3 home shopping networks just wasn't enough so they pulled a movie channel to give me...yet another shopping channel. Why, I was just saying to myself the other day, "golly gee, I can't get enough of "The Parade of Slacks", "Gold at a Glance", "Figurine Fridays", "the Festival of Shower Curtains" or "Home Decorator Week"! Why can't they discontinue showing movies for this more important programming.?" How about if I pay $30 a month for an all-shopping cable system where I never have to worry about seeing anything else again? I'm sure that's their goal. They also took off my VH1 channel yesterday morning, even though I was only allowed to receive it for half the day anyway. Okay, so maybe I've seen the Go-Gos, Elton John, the Bangles, Donny and Marie, and the Studio 54 Behind the Musics so many times that I pretty much have them memorized, but it's better than the Comedy Channel, the channel that usually has less comedy than the home shopping networks I've been ranting about. And VH1 would show "Stayin' Alive" with John Travolta and buddy, that is one movie I can't get enough of (and I really mean that!). (And of course we were going to see that Battle of the Bands thing where four bands go on tour for 6 weeks and waste valuable time trying to sabatoge each other. Baby I been on that long road and sabatoging another band is about the last thing you care about. Watching them try to find a safe place to take a dump at 3 in the morning on the way from LA to Phoenix would be more realistic. I wanna see how spunky they are after their 21st day of sleeping on somebody's floor.) Where was I? oh yeah, cable...luckily I still have Nick at night, and boy, do I need to see I Love Lucy some more. If I see Lucy stuffing her mouth with the candy from that conveyer belt just one more time I'm going to do some major damage somewhere. So be warned! But what am I talking about, Nick still has those really funny shows like All in the Family, The Jeffersons, and Three's Company to keep us in a constant state of hilarity.

Now on to more pleasant topics...Oh, who the hell cares?! I'm getting out my gun.

I'm going to get the hang of this push button world of the future if it kills me! Hey, look at what I to get beautiful designer colors that would make Christopher Lowell (from that cable decorating show) giggle with delight...and no I'm not that kind of guy.

SHAKIN’ ALL OVER: You probably heard all about the big shakedown the Northwest got during Ash Wednesday 2001. This time it wasn’t just a few plastic bottles fallen from a drug store shelf that the news people had to talk about (and believe us this has happened more than once!). Actual buildings got condemned in Seattle. That’s what you get when you build on loose dirt like they did in Pioneer Square back in the old days. If you saw the footage of what they call “the Fenix” being torn down Girl Trouble actually has a connection to that building. It was called the Hollywood Underground back in the late 80s and GT played several wild shows there. And of course the question of the day was what was Girl Trouble doing at the time of the earthquake? Kahuna was in bed with his freaked out cat Link (damage: fallen toys, the wings off his X-wing got broken), Dale was at his house with his freaked out dog Chino (damage: fallen GI Joes), Bon was laying around on the bed watching her dream man Bob Newart on TV (damage: plastic toy dishes fell off shelf), and Kurt was soaped up in the shower (damage: severe blow to manhood). The big damage occured in the GT practice shed where every plastic Beatle on the top shelf (see Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays cover) was knocked over and into one another for a giant Beatle dog pile. Oh sure, we can joke about it now but it was scary as hell and we were damn lucky. Watching the floor roll like a wave on the ocean does not give you a secure feeling.

THE JAVA JIVE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME. Bummer from T-town: The amazing Maestro Bobby Floyd passed away several weeks ago. It was a shock to Tacoma. The 80s were the hey-day for the Java Jive. The live chimps, Java and Jive, were still living in the glass cage and even better Bobby Floyd was putting on a floor-show every weekend. Bobby was a unique individual who may not have been schooled in the social graces but was what many consider a musical genius. The Java Jive was Bobby’s kingdom that we were lucky to enter. Bobby played organ and piano. He was backed by the incredible Steve “and his sexy sticks” on drums. Bobby and Steve together made one great duo. Sometimes they were friends, sometimes they were fighting. It was all part of the Java Jive experience as the human drama unfolded. You were dropping in on family. After all, Bobby’s dad Bob owned the place and they lived there. Steve usually wore weird hats and often times a helmet to drum in. Bobby might feel like playing all night or he might just get up and leave, it was anybody’s guess. “Hey, Steve, is Bobby going to play anymore?” “Naw, he went to bed!” The coolest thing about Maestro Bobby is that he was happy to take requests and you could NOT stump him. He could play anything he heard once and play it perfectly. The crowd would holler any kind of song they could think of and he could play it. We couldn’t stump him on our favorites, obscure TV theme songs. He played them all. That was THE place to be on weekends. Then the music stopped. Bobby and Steve stopped playing there. We heard rumors, the most persistant being that ASCAP was trying to charge the Java Jive a huge amount of money because Bobby played covers. Regardless, that was it. They tore out the cool stage and replaced it with big screen TV as new money making scheme. Of course, that didn’t really work very well. Bobby and Steve not being there was hard to take. Whenever we’d hang out after that we’d still see Bobby come out, he still lived there, but it was just a drag not hearing him anymore. Most of the time we spent there after that was with Granny Go-Go. She made it seem okay. Just recently we got an offer to play at the Java Jive (gee, it only took 17 years). Kahuna thought about it a minute and said, “only if we can open for Bobby Floyd”. It would have been an honor.

DID ANYBODY CATCH THAT VISION IN WHITE during New Year's Eve? Yes, Girl Trouble got to play the big City of Tacoma sponsored "First Night" celebration at the downtown Convention Center. To kick off the new year in a special "2001 style" the band dressed all in white from head to toe. Bon even scrounged up a white watch cap for the occasion. You practically needed sunglasses to watch them! Yeeeow!

I KNOW WE'VE SAID IT BEFORE (like maybe in my last three reports?) but we really are going to make more of an attempt to keep this page up-to-date. As we become more skilled with how to format this we will be offering many more features and hopefully some MP3s for you to listen to. If we can tackle these new colors who knows what else can be accomplished! There was a 45 record deal that kind of went sour (not cover art again!) and Girl Trouble has decided that offering it for free will be our next step. Also notice that the Wig Out page is finally changing. The first thing to do is list all the issues and what articles they contained. It's a big project so you can watch it develop. Due to popular demand Wig Out Headquarters just may begin publishing an on-line version of Wig Out until Bon decides to really print a paper magazine again.

I'LL SIGN OFF FOR NOW and get crackin' on new scoops. Say, I usually don't do this but if you want to check out a web page that knocked my socks off try hooking up to Sam Carlson's Northwest band page. Talk about comprehensive! It's amazing. And while I'm on the subject I was planning to link you up to the Gearhead page through the discography section but why don't I just do you the favor and let you see that now too. Tell Mike LaVella we say hi. So until we meet again (hopefully sooner than three months from now!), "Keep your chin off the curb and keep reaching for the stars!"

September 2000:

Hey everybody! I'm back and trying to sell off $20,000 worth of Y2K food I stockpiled at the beginning of the year. If anyone is interested in purchasing ten month old Doritos, Twinkies, Ho-hos and tap water I bottled myself please contact me through this web site. Meanwhile the lovable GT posse has been keeping busy with beachcombing, sunbathing and plenty of TV watching. But here's a few tidbits for you from GTHQ.

CAN'T YOU GUYS UPDATE YOUR DAMN WEB PAGE? Sorry everybody but the Guild of American Luthiers (that's the that we are sponging off to bring you all the GT haps) had a massive computer meltdown this last couple months and we couldn't post sh... The crisis seems to be over and we are vowing for the millionth time that we will keep this thing more up to date.

KAHUNA'S 15 MINUTES. Did anybody catch the New Strychnines at the EMP opening? That big goofy looking music museum that just opened in Seattle was all the rage the end of June. Somebody got the bright idea to have some local band members form a combo to pay tribute to the Sonics. Kahuna was asked to join the illustrious team of Mark Arm, Steve Turner and Dan Peters from Mudhoney, Tom Price from Gas Huffer, Scott McCaughey from the Young Fresh Fellows and sax player Craig. These guys got together and worked their butts off to learn 16 Sonics songs as close to the originals as they could get them. Their debut was at one of the EMP parties held at the museum for VIPs before the official grand opening. I, along with K.P., Dale and Bon were lucky enough to attend this party. We're not going to tell you all the details of how we crashed the party but we have four semi-used caterer's desguises if anyone needs them. The New Strychnines played in front of the big "Sky Church" video screen (that will give you a headache or panic attack and is gonna look really out of date in about 5 years...or 5 minutes) and absolutely wowwed the crowd. It was a great night.

Then a few days later The New Strychnines were part of the Sunday line-up at Memorial Stadium. It was great to see Kahuna up there blasting away on the big Jumbotron video screens just like a real rock star or WWF wrestler or something. They sounded even better the second time around and the big crowd seemed to love them. Kahuna even took a fantastic souvenir snapshot from the stage as a momento of the occasion. And to complete his 15 minutes of fame The New Strychnines were even featured in a small segment on the KIRO Channel 7 newscast. Kahuna played the last show with them at the Crocodile Cafe. He blazed through 16 awesome Sonics gems, changed guitars and got right back up on stage with Girl Trouble. A guitar marathon.

TOURS, WE DON'T NEED NO STINKING TOURS. At that same Crocodile show a true Girl Trouble fan, Bryan Schneider, actually flew from New Jersey to Seattle for the show! Girl Trouble was highly impressed by this demonstration of support and Bryan gets our "GT Fan of the Year" award for 2000, which of course doesn't entitle him to any fabulous prizes but sure sounds good. Bryan's devotion got the entire band thinking that this may be the wave of the future for Girl Trouble. Over the past 16 years they've been all over the place. They have visited and gotten lost (and gotten into fights) in your cities, entertained your masses (ie 5-200 people at one time), slept in your beds, eaten your food, watched your TVs, threw up on your futons and did their business in your washrooms. One of the most frequently asked GT questions is: "when is Girl Trouble touring again?" Bryan didn't ask this question. He hopped on a plane and made the scene at a real Girl Trouble show on their turf (really the best place to see them anyway). In addition he also got the bonus of seeing members of Mudhoney and the Young Fresh Fellows perform. Please don't make Girl Trouble get back into that stinky old broken down van again. They've already come to see you several times. Don't you think it's time for you to return their visit? We'll be looking forward to seeing each and every one of you at our upcoming shows!

CHRISTMAS IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER: The Christmas season will be fast upon us and it's time for another blast of holiday cheer from GT. This time the glad tidings will be coming from the new Double Crown Records CD Christmas compilation. Be on the lookout for it in your favorite record store. The holiday piece called "Sigue Sigue X-mas" is a little different from the normal Girl Trouble fare but one we think you'll enjoy just the same. It features some guest voices who's estates will be suing us in the near future.

HOPE EVERYONE CAUGHT THE BIG GT ALL REQUEST GIG: There was a benefit gig for our good friend Rose Alexander at the Shoboat recently. Girl Trouble was more than happy to be part of the evening's entertainers. What many consider to be a bold move on their part they passed out official request forms and let the audience decide what the set would be. K.P. picked filled-out request slips out of a basket and GT attempted to make the audience's dreams come true. Surprising everyone, especially themselves, they were able to roughly recreate all the requested material, most of which was material from before 1989. They may be an old band but apparently they ain't quite senile yet!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST may we highly reccomend the movie "The Eyes of Tammy Faye" to all our friends. It is indeed an inspiration. We'll see you next time.

April 2000:

Man, did any of you even survive that scary Millennium thing!? I would still be hiding in my specially designed Y2K bunker if those GT idiots hadn’t pulled my carcass out to write another one of these “fascinating” scene reports. I don’t know how you are surviving but after I finish this I’m going to Mega Foods to load up on chips, dips and drinking water. And I guess I should do some laundry while I’m at it. Then it will probably be another month or two before I emerge from the Barlow survival bunker to take over what’s left of the Earth. “HEAR AND OBEY MY COMMAND, PEOPLE OF EARTH!” And don’t even THINK about trying to find me...

KAHUNA AND THE WTO: Our own Kahuna got really pissed off about that WTO thing and decided to put his money (or whatever) where his mouth was. He stayed over night in Seattle with KP Kendall’s brother Kris and his GT go-go girl wife Coco (aka Ericka) so he could get a fresh start for protesting. At 7 AM he started walking down the hill towards downtown Seattle. Suddenly people came out from nowhere all headed for town and before Kahuna knew it he was already protesting. But his main exciting hangout was making a big human chain around the Paramount Theater. This was the site of the morning WTO welcome session. Kahuna reported that they stopped a lot of really pissed off International ladies wearing tons of makeup from going into the building. No tea and snacks and boring speeches today, sister! He stood face to face with the Seattle police department, got gassed and watched TV Nation’s Michael Moore holler into the Paramount with a bull horn in hopes to gain entry. And no, Kahuna was not one of those people throwing packets of Sweet ‘n’ Low out of the Starbucks (which after awhile was about the only thing the news programs showed) or confiscating computers at Radio Shack. When the session got stopped, his work for the day was done. On a similar note, GT mechanic, Powerhouse (aka dad) was over there on the same day marching through Seattle with 12,000 cranky Teamsters. So who said Girl Trouble isn’t a political band? ...Oh yeah, I think it was Girl Trouble.

HAVE THEY FINALLY ARRIVED? Last month, on that mega-alterna Seattle radio station THE END (KNDD) Soundgarden crooner Chris Cornell stopped by to spin some of his fave records. Much to everybody’s surprise over here his second selection (the first being “The Witch” by The Sonics) was “Sister Mary Motorcycle” by our own GT. Feathers were then passed out so everyone could be knocked over by them. Chris remembered back in those really, really, REALLY old days that Girl Trouble and Soundgarden played some shows. He also played many other cool Northwest selections including the band that Girl Trouble will still be glad to open for, the U-Men. It’s great to know that even though Chris has actually been on TV shows other than cable access, and sold more records than all the bands he played put together, he still remembers his roots. That makes him one groovy cat in our book. Thanks to Chris and also Mr. Dick Rosetti (Comb-over frontman and outasite KNDD deejay) for alerting a skeptical GT to this exciting moment.

CRASH. Yes, Bon got herself in a little car wreck and had some beautifully spectacular bruises to show for it (no photo available). She got the biggest injury from wearing a seat belt but it probably would have been her head otherwise (make up your own obvious jokes here). Bon’s main squeeze Ed was dutifully driving her anywhere the Hell she wanted to go when some jerk ran a stop light and plowed into them. Their car was crunched beyond repair and the other car took off never to be heard from again. (I’m sure they didn’t really mean to drive off like that, they were probably just shaken up from the accident and panicked. They’ll probably report this accident to the authorities after their conscience gets the best of them.) Ed was not wearing his seatbelt and sustained no bruises. Bon is still pissed off about other words she’s back to normal.

THOSE CALENDARS AIN’T GETTING ANY YOUNGER. March is almost over but the Girl Trouble calendar is still helping everybody live their lives from day to day. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to let Girl Trouble rule YOUR life too. Get the new calendar (send a couple bucks for the postage) and be sure to blindly follow each day’s instructions. You’ll be glad you did.

READ MORE ABOUT IT. If you have the inclination to read even more exciting facts about Girl Trouble check out the Ear Pollution web page. Steve Weatherholt did a very entertaining interview with K.P. and Bon where they let their hair down probably more than they should have. The layout is way cool with tons of photos that make Girl Trouble look like some kind of big deal, and believe me they can never get enough of that! Thanks to Steve for making it possible.

AND WHILE WE’RE ON THE SUBJECT...and why is the subject always Girl Trouble? Oh yeah, it’s their web page. I’m not sure how many people got to see Girl Trouble on 29 Live last year but it was a true media event around here. Rob Hursh’s cable music program is a top notch local music showcase that he’s been doing for several years. It was the second 29 Live go-round for GT and this time they decided to take over Rob’s show and turn it into the 60s inspired “TEEN TIME” dance party program. They talked a bunch of their friends into actually being the dancing studio audience ala Bandstand. Stu Michaels (you may remember him from the “Cold Shoulder” video) was our genial Teen Time host. He interviewed band members, introduced songs and conducted the Teen Time Roll Call segment of the show. So what’s this got to do with anything, you may be asking? Someone with the code name of “dl”, according to the e-mail they sent us, got the most excellent idea to put photos from this super spectacular show on the web. Check out great photos of Stu Michaels, the Teen Time Gang and of course, Girl Trouble in action. And while I’m at it, Girl Trouble has instructed me to thank everyone involved in making that program a blast for them, especially Rob and his crew. They kind of let Girl Trouble take over the studio and really got the idea of what they were trying to do. Everyone has been most impressed with the excellent result when we view the video tape. Hats off to them, along with Stu and the Teen Timers, for a job well done.

JUST A THOUGHT. Girl Trouble says that if they ever stoop to bringing 20+ local NW “rock superstar” friends on stage to help them perform one of those circle jerking “hey look at how cool we are” super jams (you know the kind where you pay money to see self-imposed bigwigs come out of the audience to join the band for a really lame/embarrassing/long rendition of some standard and you’re supposed to laugh and think it’s groovy), feel free to shoot them.

WOW, WASN’T I SOMETHING BACK THERE?...Other than that GT is busy writing new material for their next full length CD. It’s anybody’s guess when, where and with whom it will be released but that’s never stopped Girl Trouble before.

TOURING. Will Girl Trouble ever go on tour?





And in case you missed it, here's the December 1999 Shop Talk:


Hey everybody I’m back with some more scoops that I’m sure you’ll want to know about.

If you’ve already looked at “Tour Hell” be sure to check it again (at the end) for a few more photos that Bon didn’t get developed the first time around. We’ve been screaming over the one of the close-up of K.P. with the apple. Look at the expression on Jesus Accel from Accel 4 and Kahuna’s faces. What is the joke between Manfred and Dale? It’s a great photo that I understand was accidentally taken.

Of course, the big news around here in September was that exciting Bumbershoot show. I don’t know how many of you got to see it for yourselves but it went off better than anybody, including Girl Trouble, expected. Get this: they managed to talk four awesome dancers into learning and practicing a swinging routine to two GT favorites, “Cold Shoulder” and “Mohair Sam”. The dancers included (left to right on the photo) Charlie Lucey, Ericka Kendall, Deirdre Rhinehart and Lori Bowdish. These girls were troopers, giving up quite a few free nights off (and Lori and Deirdre even driving to Tacoma from Seattle) to practice the dance routine that Bon and Kurt thought up over at the Henderson compound garage. The neighbors were curious to say the least. Charlie and Lori (aka Sugar and Lucky) were the “old pros” of the team having danced at the “Scorpio 9” record release party in 1996. New kids on the scene Deirdre and Ericka (aka Bunny and CoCo) wasted no time in getting up to full speed on the routines. Girl Trouble was mightily impressed with their dedication, amazing dance skills and professional attitudes. This was compounded with the fact that they would actually agree to wear the florescent green dresses that Bon found several years ago no doubt left over from some disbanded '60s drill team.
The big day arrived and everyone was understandably a bit nervous. Even though GT pulled that covetted 1:00PM Sunday time slot (not exactly anyone’s idea the perfect rock time) the Bumberclub was packed with people. They treated the afternoon like it was Saturday night! It was different to see Girl Trouble on a stage as big as their living rooms not fighting each other for space. But when the girls took the stage who the hell wanted to look at anything else? They were a precision team in their spectacular green dresses and white boots. The crowd went crazy cheering them on. The entire show was deemed a success by all. Of course now the band has to contend with this constant question, “Are you having the dancers at this show?” and a let-down look when they find out they aren’t.
But don’t count them out yet. When the stage is big enough to accomadate eight people the dancers will definitely be back. They all told us they won’t throw those dresses away just in case...and babies, that’s what I call “dedication”. Girl Trouble wants to extend a big THANKS A MILLION to our gorgeous Troublettes: Bunny, CoCo, Lucky and Sugar. Now click on the go-go boot photos and be appropriately stunned by two fab shots of the girls.


The other GT happening was, of course, the big Tropicana 15 year reunion. Girl Trouble had a tough time following the likes of ZAMO, Communicator, the Wimps, and the Young Pioneers. All the bands were just as great as when the Tropicana was still going. The whole evening was not unlike a reunion from outer space as all those weirdoes came out of the woodwork to attend this special happening. Believe me, old Winston is proud to count himself amoungst that group! Everybody got together reliving the past excitements of getting heckled by red neck teens, being forced to dump their confiscated beers outside by the Oly police, taking trips over to the Eastside during band changes, and being a hell of a lot younger than we are now. Those heckling rednecks are long since gone, probably doing 5-10 for spousal abuse, but the old Trop regulars partied on in their stead. I’m not going to go into the big roll call of who was there for fear I’d miss someone. I’ll just say that it almost brought a tear to the eye to see some of those great people we hadn’t crossed paths with in fifteen years.
In the true Tropicana style we all went to a big after show party hosted by Matt and Tracy, who incidentally were not an item in those old days. Just like after all Tropicana gigs we got the sketchy directions (sketchy because we’d forgotten most of them by the time we loaded up), drove miles in darkness with giant evergreen trees on either side of us, got temporarily lost, drove back on a muddy driveway/road to park in a bog, stumbled into the cozy “half finished/work in progress” house to drink beer and dance to “Brick House” by the Commodors with everybody that had been to the Tropicana. Now that’s what I call a party! We all realized that we missed the after-gig action as much as the Tropicana shows themselves.
We were lucky enough to snap a few commemorative photos and right now I’ll show two group shots taken from the stage by our own K.P. Kendall. I’m sure you’ll be able to spot someone you know from this pile of ruffians...well at least it’s easy to pick out Doug Mognahan!
And don’t forget, even if you didn’t attend the Tropicana shows way back when, you can still relive the thrill of listening to all the bands including way too much by a very young and innocent (they thought they might “hit the bigtime”, the fools!) Girl Trouble playing some songs that they never even recorded. Just click our order button and K.P. Kendall will tell you all about it. I will say this - if you want to get this CD DO IT NOW! We’ve only got a handful and they’re starting to go fast. When they’re gone, there ain’t no more!



Girl Trouble another weekend last month back in the studio with recording wizards Brent DeRocher (who we learned has had his name spelled wrong on every Girl Trouble release so far!) and Tim Olsen. They were pretty happy with the results (believe me, that’s unusual!) and more comitted than ever to get something major out by the end of 2000 (and believe me, THAT’S impossible to believe!).

People have been asking about the status of Wig Out publications. First off the press will be the new Girl Trouble 2000 Calendar which will actually be printed in mid-December 99 so you can use the damn thing. It’s more elaborate than previous calendars because every day is marked with an important birthday or cherry sentiment/helpful message that you should all follow. Each months sports a rare or never before printed photo of GT. They’ll probably send you a copy if you send them two bucks. Printing after that is anybody’s guess but never say never to Girl Trouble.

The only other thing we need to do is wish all you fabulous people out there a big Merry Christmas and Happy 2000. Girl Trouble has prepared a little Christmas tribute that you can download if you’ve got the equipment. Did we all successfully party like it was 1999? We sure did. Catch ya on the flipside babies...

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