Who's your favorite?

The Bert Bennys?
The Cool Candys?
Gert Jonnys?
Ivan Henrys?
Tommy Bergs?

They're all so fantastic, it's impossible to pick just one!

(Bon admits to having a little thing for the Gert Jonnys)
This site sent to us by Karl Zwick

Were we surprised! Our pal Stefan Ahlstrom from Karlskrona, Sweden emailed us a fascinating report about this Don't Touch button. We'll let Stefan's own words speak for themselves, and be sure to check out his links below:

Hi Bon- I'm impressed that you've posted a link to those cheezy looking band cards by the Bert Bennys and the likes. You should know that I've actually seen some of these bands play live! And if you think they look cheezy you should have heard them play. Awful doesn't describe it. So why did I pay to go and see something that awful. These groups and groups like them played public dances and outside of discos that was about the only place to go to if you wanted to meet girls. Horrible but true. Anyway my best friend was very much into meeting girls and used to drag me along to these dances. This was in the beginning to mid '70's. My friend got lucky sometimes, but I never did! I'm blaming the awful music for that. I must've looked truly and utterly bored and that scared away the girls for sure. Or maybe it was the fact that I was incredible shy. No I'm sure it was the music. Now you know the horrible truth about my teens!

When I emailed Stefan back for more info I also asked him if he ever wore one of those incredible outfits to the dances and he replied...

Actually I can't swear that I've seen those exact bands. It's been too many years now to remember the names of the bands I saw play, but I've seen plenty of bands in this genre to last me a life time. And believe me all wore those dorky looking outfits. And no, I didn't look like that when I went to see them. Wrong, I didn't go out to see them. I was there with my buddy who was there to try and pick up girls, remember?

So how did they sound? It's hard to describe. Not rock, folk or corny pop. These bands were all part of a genre that in swedish is called "dansband". That's almost the same in english - danceband. That pretty much says it all. These bands were there for one purpuse only and that was to play music for people to dance to - four to five hours every night. They played mostly the hits of the day, both swedish and international, with the odd 50's and 60's cover thrown in for good measure. For some strange reason they always sounded that they all came from the same mould. A male lead singer with a very nasal voice with a very basic backing band. A bit like shifting between second, third, fourth and fifth gear when your driving. Midtempo thats third or fouth gear, ballads that's second gear and uptempo that's fifth gear. Always the same backing track done in various tempos. That's not very nice and some may say very exaggerated discription, but that's my opinion and I stand by it. You really have to hear them to fully to "appreciate" the sound. As a special treat for you I've also dug up some more cool looking groups from that era. The links are here:







Don't think this genre is dead. Oh no, it's very much alive today. It has had it's ups and downs, but it's very much alive today. The sound may be a bit more modern, but basically it's the same old thing as Bert Bennys and those guys played.

Thanks Stefan for that amazing glimpse into the world of "dansband" music. Stefan even sent us a comp CD of some of these bands! We say, "Think ABBA, Euro song fest competitions and the Osmond Brothers"...but that's just our opinion.

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