MOHAIR SAM - This is an awesome song, a Girl Trouble favorite, that was originally performed by Charlie Rich (That's right! The same "Silver Fox" country singer famous for "Behind Closed Doors"). Rumor has it that when the Beatles visited Elvis in LA, Elvis played "Mohair Sam" over and over and over again during their entire visit. The Girl Trouble version almost made it on "The Illusion of Excitement" CD but not quite. Mohair Sam was one of the songs used during the live performances of the Troublettes dance team. If you are interested also check the Charlie Jr!

I'LL MAKE YOU SORRY - This is the famous Shadows of Knight (who the hell is Lee Brovitz? I don't remember him in the Shadows of Knight! -Tom, Warren, Joe, Jim and Jerry) song that was a favorite Girl Trouble cover for many years. This version was recorded during the New American Shame sessions in 1992 and released on the Empty Sampler compilation later that year. It's high time everybody who didn't get that sampler heard this version.

BABY, THE RAIN MUST FALL - There's an interesting history to this song. "Baby the Rain Must Fall" was the title theme (written and performed by Glenn Yarborough) for the movie of the same name featuring Steve McQueen and Lee Remick. Also recorded during the New American Shame sessions at Cottonwood in Tacoma, Girl Trouble gave this version to Estrus Records for a compilation that was never released. The only copy was destroyed in the big Estrus Warehouse fire in 1996. The song was re-mixed and then given to another label for a different compliation in 1999. That didn't materialize either. After waiting nine years for this to be heard maybe it's best we offer it here.

FIND OUT WHAT'S HAPPENING - This is a Bobby Bare tune that he originally released in 1968. Girl Trouble's other Bobby Bare cover was "Marie LaVeau" on the Thrillsphere album. Girl Trouble recorded this during "The Illusion of Excitement" sessions but it was never released. It's a audience favorite during live shows.