This page is brought to you by the Tacoma, Washington band that nobody can seem to get rid of. Like company that won't go away, Girl Trouble has been annoying audiences for now over eighteen years. In 1984 they first played together in an old shed in Tacoma. Since then they've gotten nicer instruments. After touring North America a few times and taking Europe by storm they now feel prepared to competently bring you the best show they can.
If you are a newcomer to the Girl Trouble experience we'd like to take this time to introduce you to one of the longest lasting bands in Tacoma, Washington. The G.T. plan is simple: outlast all other Northwest bands in an attempt to become the kingpins in Northwest entertainment. Meet them now or meet them later... eventually you'll have to meet them.

Now let us review the Girl Trouble pledge:
It is our solemn promise that we give you the most value for your entertainment dollar. In each town we will attempt to spread the goodwill of the Pacific Northwest and make sure we clean up afterwards. We sincerely hope you will enjoy our musical performance and manage to catch one of the complementary prizes that K.P. Kendall will distribute during each show. We will strive to be good citizens and obey all safety rules and regulations. Our goal is to entertain in a professional and courteous manner. This is our pledge to you!
The Story of Girl Trouble…
In 1964 Bon met Kahuna, her brother. Later, in 1983, Kahuna took up the guitar he'd built in high school shop class. Bon bought a little drumset from the Sears surplus store. They began to play together in an old shed located next to their parents' house. Kahuna played one string and Bon played pretty much as she does today. School friend, Dale Phillips, decided to come over and play his fake Fender bass. The new trio practiced for a few months until they decided it would be a lot easier on everyone if somebody else could sing. They looked through all the possibilities and noticed that K.P. Kendall was taking over as self-appointed Master of Ceremonies at every party they attended. This was exactly the frontman they needed to keep everybody entertained while Kahuna changed broken guitar strings.

The first Girl Trouble show took place March 9th, 1984 at a local community college Battle of the Bands. Some of the bands had more money tied up in leather chest harness costumes and fiberglas instrument carrying carts than Girl Trouble had in their combined equipment. Kahuna played through a plywood speaker cabinet he built himself hooked up to a little Silvertone amp head. It was a memorable beginning. All their T-town pals showed up to catch complimentary root beers. This was the start of the free prize giveaway. The band figured they'd bribe the audience into voting for them. This tactic almost worked. Girl Trouble finished second only to a band whose lineup included the guy in charge of counting the ballots!

That night was the start of fourteen years of entertainment. Girl Trouble went on to play just about every punk rock dive in the Northwest. After several years of playing clubs, Calvin Johnson talked them into making a record on his K label. They went into a big warehouse with Calvin, Tim Olsen (still the official and only GT producer) and a 4-track machine that only had three tracks working. They recorded their first two singles and since then have attempted to release something on every Northwest label.

Travel was the next stepping stone to stardom. The 1974 Girl Troublemobile was purchased in 1988 and this started the band on the road to the exciting world of rock and roll touring. Many miles, bad food, sleepless nights, goofy goo, one blown engine, and band hissy fits have been logged since then, but Girl Trouble considers this a small price to pay for meeting such amazing people out there on the road. In 1993 they finally got the chance to wing their way to Europe to meet and greet people from other lands. Girl Trouble played shows in Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Austria and Denmark.

So that's the skinny on four people from Tacoma who probably should have given it up along time ago but don't have any plans to. Their friends are on major labels. They are on medication.

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