Neko says in HARP magazine:


Last and most importantly, Tacoma's greatest band of all time. (The Sonics will have to be content with runner-up). I can't possibly do them justice here, but they were not only superb, they were the Webster's Dictionary definition of why you would wanna be in a band. They were so much fun! They loved each other with ferocious loyalty and at a most abysmal time in music (the mid - to late - '80s) when people have never been so concerned with being "cool" and lady musicians were frightfully scarce, they were not afraid to tear it up! The entire audience would dance feverishly, both off stage and on. They wrote great songs and introduced us all to stuff we would have never heard. They had a cool magazine called Wigout. They were never afraid to make fun of themselves and everyone was welcome. They were like a gang you could join without having to shiv somebody. I learned so much from them, and I can say for certain that Bon Von Wheelie is the reason I wanted to play drums. When I feel homesick, I put on the "Homework" and "Gospel Zone" 45. The great Girl Trouble still make music and play shows to this day, so go track them down and request they play "My Hometown." They gave me another reason to be proud of Tacoma, which is important, 'cause when you're from such a picked on, underdog place, you've got no other choice. They made that feeling seem golden.