Oh, that long and lanky K.P. Kendall. On stage you'll find him front and center. "Is that a wiggle or a struggle?'' was once hollered at him as he walked down the street. You'll see why when K.P. bumps and grinds his way into your heart. He just can't be ignored: partly because of his impressive 6'5" height and partly because he'll be the one yelling quaint phrases like "drink `em up!'' or "Programs, get your programs!'' at the top of his lungs. K.P. is number six of eleven Kendall kids. Growing up in a big family taught him the fine art of getting everyone's attention which he has put to good use in Girl Trouble. Kahuna, Dale, and Bon picked him to be frontman because he was the life of every party. He still is. K.P. once worked as an appliance repossesser and can recount many interesting tales of repossessing home entertainment systems from Tacoma gang members. The G.T. vocalist learned to play sax in high school marching band and will offer several selections at every show providing he can get the damn thing in tune. Of course this little detail seldom stops the band. In his off-time K.P. enjoys riding turkey bikes, television, and movies. He's been working out, so feel free to make a "love handle'' inspection during the show. His future plans include stockpiling weapons.


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