You will surely notice the brooding charms of Girl Trouble bassist, Mr. Dale Phillips. Dale may not move much on stage but don't let that fool you. He knows how to lay down the solid GT foundation without going through a lot of the gymnastics that other bass players seem to enjoy. Nobody can out-cool Mr. Phillips. Dale hooked up with Kahana in high school. They both had a fondness for the Ramones and skipping class. This would prove to be the perfect basis to form a rock 'n' roll band. Dale makes the scene at Tacoma bowling alleys, the Spanaway Speedway, and every toy show his pocket-book will allow. This keeps his "guy-on-the-go'' reputation in check. He owns 50 G.I. Joes (we're talking 12 inch action figures here, pal) and enough assault vehicles to successfully quell any doll uprising that might occur. Dale's swinging bachelor pad is located right next to a cemetary. Often when he's at home, he can be found restoring his 1967 Volkswagon squareback. His dog is named Chino after the character played by Lee Marvin in The Wild One. Dale favors Fender P-basses on stage and sexy chick pin-ups in his bathroom. He is still waiting for a date with his idol, Ann-Margaret.


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